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The top 5 best casting choices for Iron Fist in The Defenders!

5.) Jensen Ackles

Back when Marvel Studios were searching for their Captain America, Jensen Ackles was a name which came up among fans again and again. It’s hard to imagine that Marvel didn’t notice that, and while the actor’s commitments to Supernatural (now in its ninth season on the CW) resulted in him making it clear back then that he couldn't star in that movie even if they wanted him to, it’s possible that he could fit in a limited series at this point. There’s also been talk of Supernatural ending either this season or next, so that too would free him up. He’s shown time and time again that he has the potential to be a big action star, and while Marvel might hesitate to have someone with little movie experience headline one of their pictures, Ackles could be the perfect choice to help launch this series, especially as he already has a dedicated fan base!

4.) Garrett Hedlund

Garrett Hedlund impressed most people after taking the lead role in Tron: Legacy a few years back, but really hasn’t been given another big budget blockbuster a chance since. While he has in fact been linked to the role of Kyle Reese in Alan Taylor’s (Thor: The Dark World) Terminator 5, a superhero role has eluded the actor up until now, and this could be the right project AND character for Hedlund as of right now. He’s still a big enough name to help bring the fairly little-known character attention from the mainstream audience, and certainly has the right look and build for the other half of the Heroes for Hire. Also, it’s worth noting that Danny Rand is the millionaire owner of Rand Industries as well as a protector of Hell’s Kitchen, and Hedlund most definitely has the right amount of sheer charisma to effectively portray every facet of Iron Fist.

3.) Justin Hartley

This guy. He was been great as Green Arrow, adored as Aquaman in the Mercy Reef pilot and remarkable in Revenge. Can he hold up as Iron Fist though? Well, like I said, he has a bit of a superhero pedigree. He was like the Punisher mixed with Hawkeye, dispensing justice down the shaft of an arrow, outside the bounds of the law, Hartley can show both sides of him in equal measure. Plus, I think it’d be nice to see him play a Marvel superhero rather than a DC one, don’t you? No? Just me? Alright then.

2.) Mike Vogel

He’s played a wide variety of characters, ranging from troubled airline pilot to mysterious stranger to seemingly benign sheriff with a dark secret and more. And interestingly enough, he was offered the role of Angel in X-Men: The Last Stand but backed out. Smart move, Mike. Not to mention he’s appeared in multiple genres. He’s done action/adventure, horror, romantic comedy, drama and even neo-noir. I think he’s due for a superhero film. Plus, he’s shown he can be centre stage on a show, as seen in Under the Dome but also that he can work well with others and play off their characters. He’s a good all rounder. It makes sense that he could carry a show and a character like Iron Fist and then be part of the team when Defenders comes around.

1.) Liam Hemsworth

After memorable appearances in The Hunger Games and The Expendables 2. Liam has the looks, charisma and build for a superhero, and of all those mentioned here, he arguably is the closest to Iron Fist in all of those respects. A role such as this will require a lot of fight training – Danny Rand is after all an expert martial artist – and it’s easy to imagine an actor like Hemsworth being hungry enough for a role such as this (which could arguably help elevate him to the A-List as it has his brother) to really commit and deliver a portrayal that even the pickiest of fans will fail to find an issue with. Liam is also on Marvel’s radar as he too auditioned for the role of the God of Thunder! Also, how awesom would it be to see both Chris and Liam in the same universe?!?!


Who would make an awesome Iron Fist?


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