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Synopsis: Podzilla tells the epic tale of mild-mannered King’s Hand squire Podrick Payne. In a shocking accident young naive Pod is caught in the blast of that green fire crap that they used in that one episode and mutates into a loyal, obedient, giant monster. Watch as Podzilla tries to cause as little fuss as possible as he stomps around Westeros avoiding trouble and apologising to the citizens he accidentally crushes.

“Obviously a one joke concept with no discernible value” - The Daily Taint

“A sign that the writer has run out of ideas” – The Kings Landing Gazette

“Needs more shagging” – George R.R. Martin

“Action packed from the start unlike its predecessor 10/10!” – Screenkicker

Have you seen Podzilla? Of course you haven’t, its an awful idea with even worse artwork. What awesome sequel would you like to see?


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