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David Peterson

This X-men movie was by far the best one made yet. It was a great way to learn about all the characters back stories if you haven't read the comics. It was great at the very beginning of the movie to just name all the new people to be introduced to the X-men Cinematic Universe. As soon as the movie began I just list off all the people I knew, Bishop, Blink, Sun-fire, Colossus, Kitty Pride,... But by far my favorite part was getting to see all of the characters you thought you knew and seeing them with a whole new personality.


Starting with Mystique (Raven) her personality went from the ruthless follower of Magneto to just a mutant who had lost her way and wasn't sure how to solve the mutants problems. She was even shown as a child with Charles. When she was a child all she wanted was for people to not be afraid of her and Charles was the only one at the time who wasn't. This whole prospect put a new light on how some Raven became Mystique and also made you feel a little sorry for her. And also made you feel more angry at Magneto for making her that way.


Then there was the change from Charles to Professor Xavier. It was very interesting to see how he was before he could control his powers that well and to see him as a basic drunkard for the most part made you realize that he wasn't always the amazing Professor X we're used to.

Wolverine-Not Raging Wolverine

There wasn't much change shown in the movie itself, but all the same there still is a big change that takes place form the other movies to this one. Now maybe its just the fact that he has a big responsibility saving the world from sentinels and all but, still a change. He goes from the rampaging loner to a duty bound X-man. Wolverine is one of my favorite characters in all of Marvel and I think this movie brought out his best.

I just want to say one thing to end this article... THE SENTINELS WERE THE BEST PART OF THE MOVIE!


What do you think the best part of the newest X-men movie was?


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