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5. Wolverine

Why: He is the most interesting character, and they have given him two solo movies and haven't nailed either of them, sure in comparison with Origins, The Wolverine is awesome, but they used it mainly to connect X Men 3 with X Men Days of Future Past, and to bring people back to the current time in the universe, reminding them of recent events, BUT they totally ignored everything that happened in The Wolverine, as it didn't effect the story of Days of Future Past AT ALL!!!!

In X2 they first touched on his origin, with William Stryker, and the tank of green water, and the bloody nakedness running out the metal doors. Then in X Men Origins Wolverine, they reused that idea, but redesigned it. I want to know why it looked different, was his memory faulty, why, how. And then they used the X2 design of the scene in the montage of Wolverine's pain in Days of Future Past. At first I thought, "oh, they are ignoring Origins" no, in that same montage, it shows the scene when Sabertooth breaks his bone claws in Origins.

In conclusion I think he deserves a good solo film, and I have some random opinions on his origin. Also unless they change the name of the planned "Wolverine 3" I am suspecting it to be ridiculed.

4. Cyclops and Jean Grey

Why: Cyclops is a great character, and they even portrayed him very well in the trilogy, but his origin with Havoc is no where to be seen. He is his brother dammit, they should get some story together!

Jean Grey is also portrayed very well in the trilogy, but she doesn't have her codename, "Marvel Girl". Granted it isn't the best superhero name, but it should be given to her, or at the very least referenced, right? Plus in X Men the Last Stand, her "Phoenix" persona is darker than the Dark Phoenix persona in the comics.

3. Nightcrawler, Mystique, and Azazel

Why: Now, this relationship is very important, because all of them have had screen time (not enough in Nightcrawler's case) and Mystique is even in the same team as Azazel for off screen time, but when Nightcrawler talks to her in X2, she doesn't even recognize him.

2. Gambit

Why: He was one of the only good parts of Origins, he had his Bo Staff, and his energy playing cards. He was played by an okay actor, he had a good outfit and design, but again, they didn't portray him enough, the parts he had were good but there weren't enough of them.

Luckily, he has been recast for X Men Apocalypse. They cast Channing Tatum. If you think about him with longer hair, he doesn't look too different from the guy in Origins. If they give him a Cajun accent, and keep everything else from Origins, but maybe a little updated, I will be fine with it.

1. Deadpool

Why: First with the not-so-bad Ryan Reynolds in Origins, but then the abomination at the end, he needs a whole movie, and it needs to be R-rated. They have been working on one since 2004, but it needs to arrive. He is so cool, with his wit, and fourth-wall breaking. I want a good Deadpool film!

Bonus #1: Rogue

Why: In the comics she was an adult super strong, flying girl with power, memory, skill absorbing abilities. In the movies, she couldn't touch anyone without injuring them. She has her absorbing abilities, but she is like 14, she can't fly, and she is not strong. I get that she got super strength and flight from absorbing Ms. Marvel's powers for too long, and she is owned by Marvel, but they could've used another explanation.

Bonus #2: Toad

Why: He was good in X Men, and he had a good redesign in X Men Days of Future Past, but I want more. He literally had less than ten minutes of screen time in that entire movie.

Bonus #3: Jubilee

Why: I just like her character.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! If you have questions or comments, comment below, please respect all when doing so.


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