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Logan Carnivalli

Many of the most iconic villains in comics offer proof to that old adage - look back to DC's Villains Month specials with eight women on the list or the prominent female super-villains in the X-Men's rogues gallery, or Catwoman's recent turn to be a Gotham crime boss. The 10 female super-villains on this list represent some of the most menacing, mercurial, and compelling baddies ever to cross paths with the world's greatest heroes.

10.Scandal Savage

9. Cheetah

8. Star Sapphire

7. Enchantress

6. Viper

5. Granny Goodness

4. Harley Quinn

3. Mystique

2. Dark Phoenix

1. Catwoman

Remember this all my own opinion, so please no negative comments.


Who is your favorite female super-villain?


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