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Could it be true? Quentin Tarantino having a change of heart about The Hateful Eight since it had been leaked to the internet?

Well, I certainly hope so. I love Tarantino, he is a story-telling genius. I honestly didn't think he would do another western after Django Unchained. I just assumed he just wanted to do a western out of nowhere to do something different, but I guess it stuck with him. I just have one concern, yes Django Unchained was incredible, Tarantino portrayed a western perfectly. But, he had never done one before, so of course he would do create hilarious situations, and things out of the ordinary. Since this would be his second western, I wouldn't want him to repeat anything or it be bland because he has already used a lot of ideas for Django. The style I'm sure will be different, Tarantino never disappoints when it comes to style and feel of the film. He is always unique. Again, that's why I like it when he doesn't do the same kind of film each time he makes a film. I loved both Kill Bills. But, that has a set style to it, so fans would expect it. The Hateful Eight is it's own film, with an original story. I just don't want him to repeat certain things in this western that he did in Django Unchained, other than that, I am really anxious for this film because, again, I love Tarantino, I'm curious to see what will come from the project.

Given the script has already been leaked, and there has been a cold read to an audience; there have also been rumors that Quentin Tarantino would be publishing The Hateful Eight instead of turning it into a film. Honestly, I'd love for him to have a director's cut of the script, after the movie releases that includes all the deleted scenes from the film. That would be different, that way he could publish it too. I think it'd be a great marketing tool, and fans would buy it. I know I would. Or he could write it as a novel, with a more in depth story and then publish it. Just a thought. I'd read it either way.


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