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In this article, I simply want to talk about the rivalry between my two favorite companies, Marvel and DC(Detective Comics). Of course, these two companies would not likely combine in real world but we as super hero fans could unite them in our minds. What I mean by this is that we should live by the standard of the one thing everyone reading this article has in common, the love of superheroes. At least I hope the people reading this article love superheroes because if not, your in the wrong place. But being serious now, we all have a great interest in the fantastic topic of superheroes, be it Wolverine or Batman or even Squirrel Girl(yes, that's a superhero). But sadly, we as fans have be separated by the two companies that have given us our interest. Why, how, and when this happened is unknown to me but whenever or however it happened, it has sticked. Everyday coming onto Moviepilot and really all over the internet I see word battles going on on how DC is better than Marvel or visa versa. The question that comes to me is, Why? Without one of these companies existing, what would push the other to make more superheroes and make more movies or comics. Why would a company need to after making a couple box office hits? The competition between these two companies is the very thing that both unites us as fans but most of all, separate us. The big talk I have seen is the release date of Captain America 3 and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. While there is big controversy and a atomic blast of arguing going around on who should get the release date, I stand here hoping that both movies do release on the same date. Imagine, going to the theater and getting to go see Batman, Superman, AND Captain America in the same day. I think I'd cry from enjoyment. But as I sit here thinking this, millions of fans fight all over the world on who should get the date.

To end this article, I have some food for thought. Many people reading this will be a fan of one denomination, either Marvel or DC. For those people I ask. What is it about the other company that makes you despise them? Is it simply you like Batman and Marvel wasn't the company that came up with Batman. Maybe it's the fact you grew up with one company and never gave the other a try. Comment below your reasoning. But my challenge to you is to give your opposing comic book company a try. Read some of their comics, watch some of their movies. And who knows, maybe you will be surprised at what you find and be a new person who loves both Marvel and DC. Maybe not, but at least you gave the other a try. But give each company a try, you may never know if you have missed out on something great.


What comic book company denomination are you under?


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