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World War Z, the surprise hit of last summer, has landed a screenwriter for its sequel. Steven Knight, who also wrote Eastern Promises and Dirty, Pretty Things has been confirmed as the man to keep the zombie excitement rolling. If you'll remember, World War Z was plagued with negative stories revolving around star, Brad Pitt, and director, Marc Foster, not getting along, script re-writes, the release date being pushed back and reshoots. It simply didn't seem that a good movie was going to come out of all of this. Surprisingly, World War Z proved to be an edge of your seat thriller with awesome visual stunts, great characters and some really great moments of suspense.

To be directed by J.A. Bayona (The Impossible and The Orphanage), he will work closely with Knight on the script. The script, at this point, is being kept confidential, but they will still be working off of the main source material; Max Brooks' novel.

What do YOU think? Does WWZ need a sequel?

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)


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