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Tim Kelley

Well its seems that JWS will be getting back to his roots in more ways than one. with the announcement that he has signed on to play in the CW's Arrow Spinoff, The Flash, the internet was a buzz wondering who he would be playing. Ship's character will be that of Henry Allen, Barry's father. Many of you may or may not remember that JWS once played The Flash himself in a series that was not all that bad,

Ship is also no stranger to the CW as he play the role of Mitch Leary, Dawson's ill fated father for 5 seasons of Dawson's Creek (is it me or does the CW like killing off father figures in Season 5, Mitch Leary, Johnathan Kent (Smallville)?

IMHO I think The Flash is going to be one of the best shows to debut next season, and with the addition of Ship to the cast it means we will have a great nod to the original series.

Welcome aboard.

What do you think about the new addition to the cast? Let me know in the comments.


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