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First of all i would like to say I loved X-Men:First Class which i thought was best among all the X:Men movies and do ignore Stand alone movies of Wolverine cause they are lame.

This movie has great star cast who portray great characters Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for 7th time on big screen (Ooff that's lot of time to do a single character but who else does it better than Hugh), James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart as Professor X, Michael Fassbender and Ian Mckellen as Magneto, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde, Nicholas Hoult as Beast , Evan Peters as Quicksilver and many more but special mention to Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask.

Even though there are loads of charcters, but the movie never falls apart or never feels crowded and everyone is brilliant in the movie its great acting entirely. We need to appreciate director Bryan Singer for superb narration , well handled direction with lot of subject to the movie with balanced emotional weightage also.

Even though entire movie revolves around Wolverine its about Mutants not individuals.
Even though entire movie revolves around Wolverine its about Mutants not individuals.

For me X-Men movies stand apart from other Super Hero movies like Nolan Batman movies but this is not as dark , X-Men is always about subject and clear representation of characters what they are, what they want and what they stand for. Like Magneto clearly wants humans destroyed and just Mutants live on earth whereas Professor X believes mutants can co-exist with humans . Neither of them is wrong, they just have different ideas. Magneto does not mind even killing a mutant for that case even Raven if they stand between his idea.

The movie plot is, humans have built sentinals(Robots) to destory Mutants and humans who support mutants, now war is going between them for quite a time and mutants are having hard time to survive, the Sentinals are built to adopt just as mutants, these robots were build based on DNA of Mystique. In order change entire timeline Mutants decide to sent Wolverine(Only person physically capable to sustain the journey due to his healing powers) back in time to stop an event which leads to creation of Sentinals.

The entire movie stays in past for most of the movie but travels back and forth at the very end is really well handled and keeps us very interested. I would like to say the movie main cast is Professor X , Magneto , Wolverine , Mystique , Beast and Trask.

Even with this great start cast and their powerful performance, QuickSilver steels the show in with his cameo in the first half of the movie which was totally cool, when I saw quicksilver in this movie i was just thinking to myself why was he not in any of X-Men movies this guy is totally awesome. The role of Trask as the industrialist and brilliant scientist who builds the sentinals has done a great job .

I know you might say , this guys steels the show, trust me he really does .
I know you might say , this guys steels the show, trust me he really does .

The second half and near end of the movie is total magneto show and we can see what he's capable of, when he flies around a stadium , yes i literally mean Magneto flies around stadium as his ride. Magneto character is so good, he's man with clear intentions and is ready to kill even Mystique just for the survival of mutants even though their is tension between them.

The movie story and narration is the highlight of the movie but the importance to each character emotions makes it even better. Young Professor X has lost his powers and hopes and carefree as ever, Magneto still thinks mutants and humans can not coexist , Mystique is having insecurities about the way she looks, and Wolverine is having nightmares of the pain he has gone through.

The chemistry between Magneto , Professor X is always great they are good friend who hang out for a game of chess but have total different ideas of life. The Magneto-Mystique-Professor X differences is also nicely shown in the movie as these three people know each other from long time and understand each other better.

The chemistry between Magneto and Professor X is equally good as in First Class.
The chemistry between Magneto and Professor X is equally good as in First Class.

The movie has great story, great narration, huge star cast, powerfull acting , emotionally satisfying , good chemistry between characters, great action (Even though it was mainly 2, one at very beginning and one at the very end of the movie), superbly handled plot which puts every X:Men movies in place and and every possible loose end is tied here.

Really there is nothing negative about the movie at all if i really had to point out which i hate myself for doing still it would be little slow pace of the movie at second half, and others mutants like Strom , Jean , Cyclops , Rouge have very less screen time but really at end we dont mind this.

I would rate this movie as One awesome cinematic experience, 8.5/10.
The movie is certainly among top of X:Men movies marginally above First Class which was also a great movie.

I would like to add that for non comic book fan or to a person without the knowledge of X-Men characters, it would be hard to understard or even get grasp of things happening.


Which is your favourite X:Men movie


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