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Sanketh Jain

Now, over the years we have seen many SuperWhoLock fans develop into a strong fanbase, combining CW's Supernatural and BBC's Doctor Who and Sherlock. And over the years we have seen some really profound romance among the characters.

Although this is not to talk about the OTPs and Ships that people have created for the sake of their fanfics, we still have to answer as to which couple is truly the most appealing to the fans?

So, here you go. I have compiled 8 couples against each other to see which couple will ultimately stand to be the ultimate better half.

Also, please feel free to give your opinion on the couples and what you think makes them so profound.


Sherlock and Irene VS Castiel and Meg


Matt's Doctor and River VS Sam and Jessica


Dean and Lisa VS David's Doctor and Rose


John and Mary VS Amy and Rory


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