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It could be called a horrible movie. It could be called as Christian propaganda that throws their religion into other people's faces in a call to be baptized. And maybe that's accurate.

I know we're supposed to be talking about movies, and I will. But I want to clarify something. I am Christian, and in no way do I want to offend other religions, but I'm also someone who's honest. Talking about this movie is talking about religion because of how closely tied it is to the Christian faith. So bare with me.

So, the movie came out this year. The whole storyline is of this college student who is Christian, who goes up against his philosophy student about how God is not dead. Which in and of itself could be a pretty good movie. But this movie also throws in a Cancer patient who didn't believe who was dating this horrible business man who also didn't believe, but his sister was Christian as is his dementia-patient mother. Another connection, the sister is dating the philosophy professor. Got it?

Anyway, critiquely speaking, the movie was lacking. The lighting was off, the casting could probably have been better, the scenes were constantly jumping from one bit to the other with no real flow, which really annoys me to know end. But the script was decent, some quotes were phenomenally uplifting. Some made you think. As Josh and Professor Radisson were debating, and pointing out that bad things are in the world, viewers are forced to remember that evil exists and that nothing is tied up in a neat little bundle.

I'm not going to spoil most of the ending for you. But I will say how I wanted the movie to end.

  • Josh's ex-girlfriend should have had some sort of ending rather than being left in a "What ever happened to her and him" kind of way. Yes, they're broken up, but does she regret her decision now that Josh won?
  • Professor Radisson and his ex-girlfriend should have gotten back together. They just should have. He had realized his mistake, had been willing to try. This should have been a thing.
  • I feel like the Reverend in the movie should have had a more clear role in Josh's battle. I get that it was something Josh had to do by himself, but that's what preachers and priests and clergymen are for. It is their job to make sure we know we're on the wrong path and to help us. I love his role, don't get me wrong, but I wanted something more in the struggle.
  • The douchebag business guy should have either A) Had a moment where he was seen in church, B) Gotten back together with the cancer patient, or C) Gone back to his old ways of not believing. Having him have a wonderful conversation with his mother about how he could be terrible and she a saint and be in the roles they are.

That being said, the movie itself wasn't bad. It showed that bad things happen to good people, that the Lord works in mysterious ways. That even if you don't believe, He loves you. That faith can be found in the smallest of places, in the biggest of ways. The movie was uplifting, I found myself crying and at the same time nodding along with what they were saying. I found myself questioning my existence and my belief, and at the same time reaffirming it. The movie does what all movies should: Question. But then this movie does what great movies do, it answers that question in a neat little way, even if the ending wasn't neat itself.

Perhaps it's just the Christian in me that wants to have everyone who's everyone watch this movie. Perhaps. But I think, it's the human in me who just wants everyone to watch an uplifting movie about where we turn too in times of trouble. You can get offended by it, and most people do, but I'd rather watch a movie about things happening for a reason, even a bad one, a movie that gives me a question and then answers it simply, then to watch a movie that makes me wonder why I'm even living. I'd say the same thing about this movie if it was about a Muslim or Jew or Wiccan professing why their faith is right. Because that's what I want too see. Not hate filled arguments ending in violence. People, normal people, debating what they believe and peacefully converting other people who don't believe.

So while most of the controversy behind "God's Not Dead" is about how it has once again offended everyone not Christian and has shown how horrible Christianity can be, I believe it's a movie that shows a view point winning peacefully. And really, I'd rather watch that than a movie about war.

((Note from the author, it's tagged here because I couldn't tag it under anything than this. It's genre is "Drama" as classified by IMdB))


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