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Recent rumors suggest that a major character from The Walking Dead, has been killed off. Many sources, mainly just articles I've been reading have been saying, Glenn has finally been killed off.

Is Glenn up for the chop & block?
Is Glenn up for the chop & block?

I am a huge fan of the show, I've followed it since day one. As any fan of the show knows, they like to kill off any character at anytime. And given that they want to bring in new cast members into the series, and maybe re-cast entirely to start off a new story into the zompocolypse. Personally, I hope Glenn has died. There was speculation that he would be killed off in season 4, because he didn't like the direction the show was going. This hasn't been confirmed or denied yet, but, if this turns out to be true; the death of Glenn might not be the only major death happening in this season.

Who else could they kill off this season to really shock viewers. If you were a fan of the hit tv show LOST, then you know all about major characters getting killed off at any given time. I loved that about that show, because it forced you to find new characters and broaden your horizons. If you stick with one character the entire life of the show, your viewing experience will get boring and you might be turned off from the show. Yes, with good writing, you could keep old characters around and build up unfamiliar faces. What's the fun in that though? Especially in a zompocolypse world. I hope if they kill off Glenn, that they kill off Maggie as well. If anyone remembers in season 4, Maggie & Glenn get reunited and Glenn burns that picture of her because he says he will never leave her again, and all that sappy BS. Yeah, well, did anyone think this was foreshadowing? I did. So maybe Maggie will be axed from the show as well. Or maybe they will die together to make it romantic for the female viewers?

Will they die together?
Will they die together?

Another prediction death I have for this season is.....Carol. Yes, Carol. Look, she had her reign in the show as the guardian pretty much, a mother figure to the group. But now that the two little girls (sorry, I can't think of their names) have been killed off, she really has no reason to be there anymore. Those girls were keeping her going, since she lost her little girl back in season 2. Unless for some reason they keep her around as a love interest for Tyreese, but I doubt it. You can tell Tyreese is starting to have a thing for Carol, but if they kill off Carol at the right time, and Tyreese grows really fond of Carol then it could be the beginning of something great for Tyreese. We all saw what the death of Tyreese's woman (again, I'm terrible with names of little characters) did to him. He went crazy. And if there is something crazy going on and the gang is in in...well...Terminus, and Carol dies. It might just set Tyreese off again, and he will go in arms blazing. Or since there will be a new villain in this season, maybe he will try and save Carol and die himself. But I feel that Tyreese will have a major part in the continuation of The Walking Dead. What do you guys think?


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