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Drew Grimm Van Ess

Thanks to Fandango, we now know what the poster artwork looks like for Eli Roth's highly anticipated film. Set for release on September 5th, only a few months from now, I'd say it's about time we got a glace at the one-sheet.

The poster looks great, and definitely markets the film well. Like most people, I have to wait until September to see this. However, plenty of people at film festivals last year have viewed it, and overall it tends to generate really positive reviews. I personally, like Roth as a director, and appreciate his knowledge on the genre, but I feel that his work tends to be over-hyped (Hostel & Hostel 2). So hopefully this delivers what I'm expecting it to. We haven't had a good cannibal movie in ages. Can Eli Roth be the guy to change that?

SOURCE: Dread Central


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