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I've now seen X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, three times and I think I picked up just about every little Easter Egg in the movie so like my Captain America 2 Spoiler Review, I won't be talking about the plot in detail (because who wants that), I'll be discussing all the Easter Eggs, comic book references and most importantly where the X-MEN franchise can go from here! Warning Major SPOILERS ahead!

"My mum knew a guy who could do that"

Just before Quicksilver's incredible action scene he is having a conversation with Magneto in the elevator. He's asking Erik why he's in prison and what his power is. When he realizes Erik can move metal he says "You can move metal right? You know, my mum used to know a guy who could do that" and then Erik has a look of realization on his face. This basically confirms that in the X-MEN movie universe, Magneto is in fact the father of Quicksilver. X-Men fans know that Magneto is in fact the father of the twins, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, so when this scene came up I had a huge smile on my face. It's not directly said that this is true but during an interview Michael Fassbender basically confirmed this. Hopefully this will be confirmed properly in X:MEN Apocalypse.

"These troops are going home"

In the scene where Mystique attacks a military base, we see her trying to rescue four Mutants before they are sent to Trask Industries. These mutants are Ink, Spike, Toad and Havok.

We of course remember Toad from X-Men 1 where he is a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. He basically has the powers of a Toad.

Ink is from the Young X-MEN comic book. Ink doesn't actually have mutant powers but his different tattoos hold a different power, he gets these from a Mutant who can give others powers by giving them symbols. He has many different powers like: Flight, Telepathy, Super Strength, Healing and the one we get to see him use in the film is the tattoo on his right hand that makes others extremely ill.

Spike is from the X-Men Evolution cartoon. He can bring out spikes form his body that he can use as projectiles or melee weapons. In the film he uses a power that makes his enemies collapse.

And last but not least Havok! Alex Summers was of course one of Charles' students in X-Men First Class and in the comics is the brother of Scott Summers aka Cyclops. He has similar powers where he can project energy beams from his body as a weapon.

"At first the Sentinels were just targeting Mutants"

During the future battles between the X-MEN and Sentinels we see a vast array of powers on display, both from the mutants and the sentinels. We learn that the Sentinels can adapt to any mutant power, this is because of Mystique's ability to transform but also Rogue's power to absorb a Mutant's power. There was a deleted scene where Magneto and Iceman had to break Rogue out of a Sentinel prison because she was being experimented on. Rogue has the power to absorb a Mutants energy and power so obviously the Sentinels used this to their advantage. We see them take Colossus' power, Iceman's power and Sunspot's. We also see them use the power of Lady Deathstrike (X2), Emma Frost (First Class) and Darwin (First Class) these were cool callbacks to those characters.

"I just saw a man who's going to bring me a lot of pain someday"

One of the big baddies throughout the X-MEN saga has been William Stryker, the man who made The Wolverine. We first met him in X2 where he tries to wipe out every Mutant on the planet. In X-Men Origins we see that Logan and Stryker first meet each other in Vietnam but here they first meet in Paris at the Peace Accords where Wolverine recognizes Stryker as a younger man and freaks out. Stryker has a look at Wolverine's claws and this is obviously what gives him his inspiration in this timeline for Weapon X.

"I'm going to move the coin"

In the scene where Magneto goes to retrieve his helmet from captivity we see a few other memorabilia from First Class on display.

The coin that Erik used to kill Sebastian Shaw is on the far left. Havok's harness next to that. Then Magneto's helmet and then one of Angel Salvadore's wings.

"Imagine if they were metal"

One of the most famous images from the X-Men comics is when Magneto rips all of the Adamantium out of Wolverine's body in a horrific way. In the film Wolverine does not yet have his Adamantium skeleton so Magneto impales Logan with Metal bars and throws him into the ocean. The bars protrude from Logan's body similar to the way the Adamantium looked when it was ripped from his body in the comics.

"So I wake up in my younger body and then what?"

In the original comic book, it was Kitty Pryde who took the trip back in time to stop the creation of the Sentinels but in the film it is Wolverine. Kitty is still given a very significant role as she is the one who sends Wolverine back to the 70's using her new Mutant ability.

"Mutant brothers and sisters all dead!"

In Magneto's rage he declares that it was Charles who abandoned him. He reveals that Emma Frost, Banshee, Azazel and Angel were all killed fighting for their cause. At the end of First Class we see that Azazel, Emma and Angel had all sided with Magneto but perhaps Banshee did as well after a while.

"Some things never change"

In the films final scene, Logan wakes up in Xavier's mansion in the future. He proceeds to walk down the halls where he sees Bobby and Rogue back together, Kelsey Grammar Beast, Storm, Colossus and Kitty, and then finally, Jean Grey. He can't believe his eyes when he sees her and the shock on Wolverine's face was brilliant. He reaches out to touch her face and then a hand stops him, its the hand of Scott Summers aka Cyclops! Logan then says "Some things never change", this basically removes X-MEN THE LAST STAND from the new timeline so some of our favorite characters are back!

Rogue originally had a bigger role in the film but was cut out due to her scene not fitting. She is reduced to a small cameo, we see that her and Bobby are back together.

Logan walks by a room where Kitty Pryde and Colossus are teaching a class, this hints at the relationship these two might have. Kitty Pryde and Colossus had a romantic relationship in the comics that was missing from the films.

"I'll take him from here"

In the films final scene, Wolverine is retrieved from the ocean by William Stryker and he says "I'll take him from here" so that means we are still going to get the Weapon X program but during the last second we see a flash of yellow in Strykers eye! This means that Mystique is actually disguised as William Stryker and she has plans for Wolverine her self. I hope this still leads to the Weapon X program but it is going to be very interesting.

"En Sabah Nur, En Sabah Nur"

Of course we get an end credits scene that leads up to the next film! The next film is indeed X-MEN APOCALYPSE. In the after credits scene we hear the words "En Sabah Nur" being chanted. Anyone who knows the X-MEN comics well know that this is the real name of big baddie "Apocalypse"! We see that this hooded figure aka Apocalypse is building the great pyramids of Giza with his mutant powers. The camera pans around him and we see Four Horsemen in the background!

"En Sabah Nur" means "The First One" and this is because Apocalypse is the first Mutant in recorded history. He was born 5000 years ago and was raised as a slave, when he displayed his powers he was then turned into a god. He believes in survival of the fittest so he kills anyone who he does not deem significant. He has many powers, most notably the power to control his body to a molecular level, meaning he can change size.

X-Men Apocalypse will not be set in Ancient Egypt but in the 1980's, this end credits sting was there to just establish Apocalypse's back story. This is going to be the biggest X-Men film ever!

There you go guys, I hope I got every significant Easter Egg in there and please if you like this article, leave a comment and share with your friends!


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