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Well, someone from inside Marvel Studios definitely woke up on the wrong side of his starship today!

James Gunn, director of [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), doesn't seem too pleased by today's overflow of rumors that surfaced last night about him possibly being a replacement for Edgar Wright who recently stepped down from directing Ant-Man due to script changes, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Wow, I've rarely seen someone so upset by media-fueled rumors!

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That is, other than Kanye West having a three year old's meltdown over how 'disrespectful' the paparazzi are to him and his family. At this point, he's even mocking the news. To his defense, the person who replaces Edgar will likely be less than Edgar's favorite person, so if James Gunn has any hope to keep Edgar Wright on his good list, it would be ever so wise to cast aside any rumors of him taking his now open director's chair.

What do you think? Is his response reasonable or ridiculous?

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