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Yet another article that I'll try to make short, is a theory based on observation, and probably, I might get insults from the comments (that's just a theory lol.) Anyway, I have some ideas on why Justice League hasn't happened yet.

This is the opposite of my Marvel "The Reason Why the Avengers Happened."

All Characters are Owned.

Unlike Marvel, DC wasn't forced into a corner. They have all of their characters and they're not in a position were some characters are owned by someone else so they keep bringing out characters like Superman and Batman on screen, but not [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), [Aquaman](movie:264237), Flash, Martain Manhunter, ect... I have to address another reason which will be a two parter.

Nolan Trilogy

Yes people loved the Nolan Batman, however, that was one of the very things that stopped some other heroes from getting movies. Warner Bros was too reliant on Nolan movies and weren't thinking about the long run (We had a Green Lantern movie in 2011, but that flopped in the box office.) Even though the Warner Bros lived off the Nolan Batman (at least the DC part) they were trying to rebuild the image of Batman (Batman & Robin.) This brings me to my next point...

Too Much Batman!

Batman is by far one of the greatest superheroes. There's so much substance to his character and yet I am the first to admit that DC needs to STOP over doing it with endorsing his character. There's always something new with Batman and they keep coming out with more comics and animated films too. I mean... They only made one Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and they're making an Aquaman movie.

Now how many movies did this guy have again? Imagine if DC, for whatever reason, couldn't release a Batman movie, and they were in the same position as Marvel. Maybe they would have the same successful now, who knows.

[Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) wouldn't get this much uproar if they had movies planned in between. The fact that they just threw in Batman instead of planting the seeds for the movie and really had no plan prior. They didn't even have a script, need I say more?

Well, there you have it! I am a supporter of DC and honestly WB isn't doing them any justice. We can argue about how movies and shows were going to happen, but didn't because some characters were not really for the limelight yet.

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