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Out of all the superhero movies that have been released over the years, Fox's X-Men is the one franchise that I've never truly hated but never truly liked either, it just always felt so "Meh, that was ok I guess," nothing spectacular or amazing. Then Fox decided to make an actual X-Men movie and released First Class, by far not a perfect film considering it was the lowest grossing but it was definitely a step in the right direction. First Class had actual character building and not just for the main characters but for side characters too. X-Men working together, helping each other learn how to use their powers and embrace being a mutant, totally unprecedented in an X-Men movie and the best use of Wolverine I've seen to date. I wonder if you can even blame First Class for doing as poorly as it did coming off the heels of X-Men The Last Stand and Wolverine Origins personally, i think First Class renewed people's faith in the franchise to some degree. I was really interested to see where this new X-Men team was going along with Magneto's Brotherhood because finally good and evil wasn't so black and white anymore in the X-Men universe... but that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked aka Bryan Singer.

I instantly was disappointed to hear about Bryan Singers return because it would mean that we were going back to generic side characters with no development and more Wolverine. So i sat there in the theater expecting the worst but hoping for the best and once again came that feeling of meh. Going in, everyone knew that this film's sole purpose was to fix all the previous movies before it, mainly The Last Stand. When they gave Kitty Pryde the ability to send people's consciousness back in time, a power she doesn't even have, i thought, well looks like we're back to not giving a crap about the source material except now they're just making up powers as they go. The Hellfire Club/Brotherhood got a brief mention, no future new characters like Bishop, Blink, Sunspot or Warpath got any kind of character development, they were just there to die. Quicksilver being overpowered as hell, having the best action sequence in the movie and still getting no character development, i could go on and on.

Now i don't hate Days of Future Past, i just thought that something really great could have happened here but perhaps there was just too much damage done to the franchise for it to be fixed in any sensible manner. I've never seen a movie ask so hard for the audience to not question things as much as Days of Future Past, as if answering, "cause reasons" and the audience accepted it! Like if they were saying, "Just stick through it guys so we can get back on track and do cool things like Apocalypse, here's some shiny powers to make up for bad storytelling." Speaking of which, the fact that they announced the Apocalypse sequel before DOFP even came out totally took out any suspense in the movie because you knew everyone was coming back for Apocalypse, it even ruined the post credit scene. My theater had a completely mixed reaction to Jean and Cyclops being back which i thought was strange because i thought almost everyone wanted them back.

It annoys me because I've seen the X-Men done better, this is a great team with great characters and great stories that will never be allowed to reach their full potential. At the end of the day, if you're a fan of the X-Men comics and even some of the animated cartoons, you just have to realize that these movies will never live up to those incarnations and that's that. So accept that its back to the status quo, accept that these movies will never give your favorite character the time of day and accept that ultimately these movies are X-Men in name alone...

Who knows, maybe Apocalypse will make me eat my words but 7 movies in, thats highly unlikely.


What did you think of X-Men Days of Future Past?


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