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After over 50 years in publication, rumors have it that Marvel may be pulling the plug on EVERY Fantastic Four related comic book they publish. Now, it's no secret that this franchise has been dragging in sales since before Y2K. And, it seems that no matter what Marvel does, it just can't seem to recover.

Many believe it's due to the outdated nature of the story line. Four close friends and family members steal a rocketship and take an experimental trip through a wave of gamma radiation. This said radiation gives them all powers beyond their comprehension. So 60s right? I mean, the whole space race mentality coupled with B-movie monster origins; we've outgrown it, right?

Well, even when they rebooted a newer, hipper version in the Ultimate series, it didn't take. Well, word is this title's the first on the chopping block! So what is it? Well there's a new theory in town...

Some say that Marvel is purposefully holding the titles back and pushing, more and more, their Marvel Cinematic Universe titles to...big make more money! How dare they! lol. But really, there's more.

The big 75th anniversary push is sporting posters missing two important elements: The Fantastic Four and the X-men.

Where's the Xmen and the FF?
Where's the Xmen and the FF?

Now, of course, they will NEVER stop making X-Men comics. Those comics will never stop selling. But that doesn't mean Marvel's going to go out of their way to push the merry mutants any day soon. On top of that, it seems most of their story-lines are steering them away from most of the other titles. This could be because they spent the last 2-3 years fighting or joining the Avengers and there's still an ongoing series called Uncanny Avengers. Now, I'm a bit behind, but as time goes by Marvel seems to be pushing the X-Universe in its own little corner. Could this explain why they're so eager to kill off Wolverine?

Is Logan's death all a part of a bigger plan?
Is Logan's death all a part of a bigger plan?

This and Marvel continues to push the MCU hardcore. The Avengers in all of their comics will always be a mainstay. But, NOW (see what I did there?), there's a big push for Guardians of the Galaxy, The Winter Soldier, Thanos, Ms. Marvel, the Invaders, the Iron Patriot, and even the Inhumans.

And, speaking of the INHUMANS, remember when the rumor was that they were replacing Mutants with Inhumans? That is still not out of the range of reality right now.

Well, back to the rumors. Word is they're even taking down all Fantastic Four art work in the offices! Now, I understand having to cut the title because of a lack of readership, but this smacks of an all out divorce from all memory of the title. Now, as an old school TRUE BELIEVER (God Bless Stan), I'm appalled. The FF was once one of the pillars of the Marvel Universe. Now, it's an all but forgotten memory. But, on the other hand, I understand it's just business.

But is all of this just to spite Fox? Highly doubtful. Marvel is just maximizing their profits. That's what a business does. Do I hope the rumors are false? OF course...but I wouldn't bet any money on it.

PERSONAL NOTE: I'm not done investigating this. There's something big that Marvel is doing and I think I know what. Just need proof.... Uncle E

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