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For about six years or so now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has really started to take over cinema. Release around four or five titles a year! That's pretty damn good for Marvel. But, will the Marvel Cinematic Universe die?

Let's start all the way back with what kicked off Marvel's take over of cinema, Iron Man. This was not only a new beginning for Marvel, but it was also a new beginning for Robert Downey Jr. as well. When it finally release, fans went crazy! RDJ was the perfect Tony Stark! And hence kick started Marvel's triumphant return into the cinematic world. Robert Downey Jr. will leave after the next avengers movie however, and could [Iron Man 4](movie:886190) be the movie that sees the death bell ring for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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For a couple of years, it was pretty cool. Seeing all these super heroes on the big screen! But every reign has to come to an end sometime. You see it on TV shows and with musicians as well, they rule #1 spot on TV, or #1 on the Billboard Top 10 for a couple years, then start to get bland and eventually canceled. Yeah, well Marvel could very well get "canceled" shall we say. No, they won't stop producing films, but the stories will get bland, and fans will start to get disappointed. I have already been disappointed for sure, let me remind you of, Iron Man 2, both of The Fantastic Four's, both Ghost Rider's, and X-Men: Last Stand. Yes, they got a little better, but still. How long will they have their reign? I don't think it will be too much longer.

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After [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035), and [Ant-Man](movie:9048). I think they may start going downhill, once they start getting into "Phase 3" I hope I don't see a horrible demise of some of my favorite super heroes. Ultimately, I think the Marvel Cinematic Universe will die sometime in the next two or three years. I think DC might just take their spot for awhile. I mean, I think it's their turn.


Will the Marvel Cinematic Universe die anytime soon?


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