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Nessa Lopez

The fairy tale world set in Maine wrapped up its third season and many are wondering just when the whimsical characters and their quest in the real world will return to the small screen.

Though no official date has been released, the critically acclaimed ABC series will return this fall for its fourth season. The imaginative series will add a familiar character into the Once Upon A Time roster, Michael Sosha. Sosha plays Will Scarlet/ Knave of Hearts in the Once Upon A Time spin-off, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. The spin-off was cancelled after a 13-episode run.

A good projected date for the season 4 premiere would be September 28, as the second and third season began during the same time (28 and 29). It's quite a wait until the last days of September, but fans can guess and figure out what will happen to their favorite characters.

One exciting thing that will happen early in season 4 is the exploration of a new character, which happens to be a stowaway from the past. This is none other than Elsa from the hit Disney movie, Frozen. Fans should start singing the lyrics to "Let It Go" as early as now, before the show starts to unravel Elsa's story line in the show.

Some reports are suggesting that it would be interesting and enjoyable for the fans if elements of Narnia will be brought into the show, though licensing can prove to be quite challenging. Fans will have to wait and find out who will be the new residents of Storybrooke when the series returns on fall.

So who would you like to see in OUAT season 4????Personally I would LOVE to see some more Disney characters!!!!!!!


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