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Days of Future Past has been blowing it up! Reviews are positive, it's doing well at the Box Office! I loved the movie, the X-Men have always been my favorite but let's be honest the movies have been uneven and we've had too many disappointments. I'm not going to complain, but I am going to say that with the disappointment of X-Men: The Last Stand, Wolverine: Origins, and the Wolverine I have been underwhelmed as an X-Men fan, and have been wondering how long Fox can keep this franchise alive. I love the X-Men, and I love Wolverine but the truth of it is that the bar has been set very high for superhero movies in the last decade and if the X-Men films start to fall short Fox won't be willing to spend money on them, actors won't want to work in the franchise, and Fox would make little to no movies just to told hold onto the film rights.

I think this goes without saying BUT: POSSIBLE DAYS OF FUTURE PAST SPOILERS!

If you've already seen Days of Future Past you know that less than 30% of all X-Men films now have standing in film continuity, the other 70% have been completely un-done because of time travel. This happens constantly in sci-fi, and can sometimes be annoying, or frustrating but as we learn that the events of the previous three decades in X-Men history didn't happen and/or don't actually matter. I'm going to argue that BECAUSE of all the changes we can expect better story telling, more characters, and with some hope, some of the major stories and characters we missed out on, or skipped over in the previous continuity.

Here is my list of hopes and dreams of what new stories await us in this continuity:

Beginning of the Xavier Institute

One thing I always felt was a missed opportunity, even with the original film, was to start at the beginning! I want to see the beginning of Xavier's School, In DOFP Xavier and Beast tell Wolverine that the school was opened briefly before the Vietnam war, but quickly fell apart. The end of the film is very promising, and with all the nudges Wolverine gives to young Xavier I think it's fairly certain it's about to re-open it's doors to students again.

Young Jean, Scott, Storm, and more!

I would love to see Xavier and Beast recruit students, see them find runaways and children in need of their tutelage; specifically Storm, Cyclops and Jean. Nearing the end of DOFP Wolverine makes the Professor promise to find these three, it's more than likely that we'll see him do so in the next film, or see that he's already done it. I am excited to see how they are in the beginning. Learning the're mutants, hating themselves, hating their powers and them to watch them hone their abilities and become the leaders and teachers we've seen at the school by the happy new future depicted at the end of DOFP. I want to see all the stuff that happens in the middle! Storm specifically would be fun to see as Xavier finds her being worshiped as a Weather Goddess in Africa, asking her to come with him. Sure we already saw Jean be recruited in a flashback in X3 by Xavier and Magneto, but now that has been retconned with the timeline change.

With these key three, Beast and Xavier, I think it would be so awesome to see a very small group of students coming to the school. Maybe one or two more characters on top of these. It would give the feel of the beginning, like how the Ultimate X-Men comic story slowly grew from a small group into a dozen and then beyond, and eventually into a hundred or more by the time the new future played out.

Superhero Outfits

Back in the early 2000s. Superhero movies were trying to do new things, to be grittier, darker, and more realistic, this is part of the reason why the original X-Men characters were switched to the black leather style in the movies instead of their bright more flamboyant comic type costumes. As we've seen with Spider-Man and even Captain America, we can get believable, and colorful superhero costumes and the fans will still accept them. It would be fun to see the X-Men start out with more of a team uniform, like in First Class, and then have them branch out into their own unique colors and costumes. I do like the black leather in the films, and it worked really well especially in the dark future of DOFP, but I do think the colorful individual costumes have a place, and I think we all want to see Wolverine eventually don his iconic mask!

More Mystique!
I absolutely loved Mystique in both DOFP, and the original trilogy. The badass Mystique, the murderer, the assassin, but also the woman who re-shaped time by putting down the gun and choosing compassion. I hope we don't completely lose Mystique to this compassion, but the idea of redemption for such a dark character is exciting. I'm very interested to see what happens after she takes Wolverine away at the end of DOFP. Is she going to experiment on him? Let him go? I'm going to guess the experimenting because it'll give to a better story than if she just freed him. Plus the Wolverine from the past doesn't have his memories of the future anymore or that week that he spent with Xavier so he won't know who Mystique is and won't be the same character we know now. He'd be more of the wild, angry Wolverine.

Mystique and Nightcrawler - DOFP takes place ten years since First Class, in that decade Mystique and Magneto have parted ways, and one of the most important things that you could have missed in DOFP is that Azazel was killed by Trask. I think this really fueled Mystique's fire against Trask. Seeing these files is what sent her on her hunt to kill him in the first place. Azazel, this seemingly small character, and Mystique are actually Nightcrawler's biological parents! I hope we get to see this story played out. It would be really simple to find out that in those missing ten years Mystique gave birth to a child who was "deformed" and she either abandoned him, or left believing he was dead. It would be an easy explanation that she gave bith in a hospital, hiding her true form, not thinking the baby would come out looking like anything but a regular baby. She would probably believe that mutation, if any, would happen at puberty. The humans could have taken Nightcrawler, it would be easy to explain that she beieves he's dead. It would be cool to see Xavier find Nightcrawler as a young, scared boy around 12 or 16 and reunite him with Mystique. This could potentially be the biggest turning point in Mystique's life if she finds out her child wasn't killed and she actually gets a chance to love something. This isn't what happened in the comics, in the comics they weren't reunited as mother and son for a very long time. We could also see Mystique reunited with Nightcrawler, and he could witness just how evil she is and shun her, making her more evil. Both stories intrigue me, and have lots of potential!

Mystique and Rogue - In the comics Mystique found runaway Rogue and raises her as a teenage girl. Mystique even convinces her to join Magneto's Brotherhood. In our new continuity Rogue could become a bad guy, using her powers to steal memories, fight on behalf of the Brotherhood, and be one of the most powerful mutants to fight against the X-Men. In the comics Rogue fights with Avengers' Ms. Marvel and permanently absorbs her powers of flight, super-strength, and all her memories. Terrified and unable to sort out her mind from Ms. Marvel's she goes to Xavier for help and ends up staying with the X-Men. I think this could be an awesome secondary story in a movie. I know Ms. Marvel's right are with Marvel Studios but we could create a mutant character with similar powers that Rogue could even kill by holding on to them too long in a fight. I really want to see the badass, tough Rogue from the comics and cartoons. I really like Anna Paquin as an actress but I was never fond of her whiny, mopey Rogue. She wasn't really given much to do.

Magneto's Brotherhood
This was one of the teases at the end of DOFP, Magneto talks to the entire world on live TV talking about this Brotherhood of Mutants needing to bond over the fact that all humans hate and fear them. We see Toad, Quicksilver, and Ink all watching the telecast which could hint towards them joining.
Quicksilver is a pretty consistent member in many reincarnations of the Brotherhood, including some where even he is in charge in Magneto's or even Mystique's absence. Other members include: Multiple Man, Juggernaut, Scarlet Witch, Blob, Vanisher, Pyro, Mastermind, Sabretooth, Psylocke, and even Havok.

In the comics Magneto and his Brotherhood take control of a nation off the coast of Africa who are enslaving mutants. They overthrow the government and make a mutant nation where mutants from all over the world come to be free. Eventually this island is attacked by Sentinels, killing thousands of mutants, including Magneto himself (until that is retconned). I think the island haven would be really exciting to see on the big screen. A mutant utopia, a place where people walk around and use their powers to do everyday things, using their powers in the street, and then fly off after a lunch meeting back to their office. This would all be really fun to see! Maybe not so much the destruction part, as I think we're done with the Sentinels on film, but the Utopia part, the island of sanctuary part really intrigues me and I see much potential.

More New Characters - The X-Men universe is one of the largest families in superhero history. There are literally hundreds of mutants, some have similar powers as others (how many psychics can YOU name?) but there are still so many different abilities we haven't explored on the screen yet. It's tradition that with every movie we'll get new characters, and some of my favorite characters are found in the New/Young X-Men stories. These kids are so unique and diverse it would be awesome to see them make their big screen debuts. Sure it would make some of the movie versions older than characters like Iceman, Rogue and Colossus from the original trilogy but if we're already mixing that all up, why not?

Here's a few from their lineup that are personal favorites of mine:
X-23 - She's a clone of Wolverine so she's got the regeneration and senses from him, but she's female. She's got two claws on each hand, and a claw coming out of each foot. She was created by Stryker in the Weapon X Program after Wolverine escaped. (Top left in the image below)
Anole - He's green (DIVERSITY!) and with his lizard powers he has a prehensile tongue, wallcrawling, strength and speed. He also has regrown an arm after it was cut off in a fight!
Dust - She changes form into a dust/sand cloud, and in that form she's taken down helicopters, suffocated people and even torn a man's skin from his bones. She's a native from Afghanistan (MORE DIVERSITY!) and always wears her traditional Islamic dress with an X-Men belt. (Top right in the image below)
Surge - She manipulates electricity, can channel it out as an energy blast, use it to power certain objects, and can also use it to gain superhuman speed. Similar to Cyclops she can't control her energy output and has gauntlets for her hands created to hold in the energy she can't contain. (Middle, bottom in the blue hair)
Mercury - Her body is made up of a non-toxic version of the metallic metal mercury, she can bend and change her body into nearly any form or size. She often re-forms her arms into sharp swords or blades. (Bottom left in image)
Rockslide - His body is made up of a solid, heavy rock stone material. He can break his body apart, detonate it at will and reassemble it back together. (Middle right in the image below)
Hellion - A master at telekensis he can use it to pick up objects, large or small. He uses it to fly, and to create telekentic blasts. (Middle top of the image)
Elixir - Gold colored skin, he can heal almost any ailment or disease, but his power is more than that, it's biologcial manipulation so he can enhance or heal other mutants powers, and he can also kill or cause immense pain with a touch.


Bishop was one of the newest mutants added to DOFP. He didn't get a ton of screen time as the movie mostly took place in the past, but he was pretty awesome from what we got to see, and Omar Sy makes a seriously great looking Bishop!
Bishop's back-story includes growing up in the awful future, and he's heard of the X-Men as these glorious heroes, he has the mutant brand over his eye to show the brand Mutant. He time traveled into the past to help the X-Men prevent Xavier from being killed. It would really be sweet to see him time travel back in X-Men: Apocalypse to help the X-Men and then be trapped in the past. He would have no memory of the DOFP events since he'd be somewhat re-written in this new timeline, it would be fun to have involved somehow and keep Sy on board the franchise, I just hope we haven't seen the last of Bishop!


Cable is another time traveler sent into the past to protect the history of mutant kind. He traveled to help the X-Men prevent Apocalypse' siege of the world. He is the son of Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey. I propose to simplify this and just make him the much older son of Jean and Scott from the future. Perhaps Cable and Bishop could travel into the past together in hopes of stopping Apocalypse. It would be fun to see interaction between an old man from the future and the children who would be his parents. He's a pretty integral character in the comics, and it's just a matter of time until he's introduced! The only problem is doing two movies in a row with time travel. That gets old. If we do bring Bishop and Cable into the past let's keep it as simple as possible.

Reboot Characters We Love! There have been several characters on screen already who have not gotten their time to shine but there have also been others who's stories were either too short, lame, or they were not good representations of their comic counterparts. To name a few:

Nightcrawler - I would love to see the Mystique/Nightcrawler story as I already suggested, and he's such an amazing character. He was possibly my favorite part of X2 and he didn't ever get a second appearance!
Emma Frost - She was just a mere sidekick getting Shaw ice in First Class. She should be the main villain! She could very easily lead a team against the X-Men, or join the X-Men and be a leader as she does in the comics! I know they say she's died in the time between First Class and DOFP but I'm hoping somehow she'll be brought back. (Maybe she's only been shattered in her diamond form, they did that in the comics and Jean telekenetically put her back together).
Gambit - He had a glorified cameo in Wolverine Origins, but no real depth. He's a fan favorite and is one of the best anti-heroes on the X-Men team. He's a no-brainer to reboot, and has all but been OFFICIALLLY announced for Apocalypse played bby Channing Tatum!
Angel - One of the original X-Men from the comics and he had a very small part in X3, he never even (despite posters) got to wear a uniform! I really hope we get to see him as a Horsemen of Apocalypse in the next film. He's the original Horsemen, and it wouldbe a shame to not include Archangel in that story!

There are lots of characters that are good examples, most of whom are just simply skipped over, when we could have gotten a much better story from them.
To read more about Rebooting X-Men Characters, read one of my previous posts HERE.

Dark Phoenix Saga - One of the saddest things about X3 was how they tried to make it both about the Dark Phoenix and the Mutant Cure. Each of those stories could have been a single movie, and both would have been better being less cluttered and each getting the focus they deserve. With the timeline being rebooted I would really like to see the full extent of the Dark Phoenix. I would like to see a child Jean Grey dealing with her powers. We could even see the Dark Phoenix story line in the form of that young child or teenager, Xavier teaching her and attempting to help her control those abilities. Perhaps she sees why Xavier must put those mental blocks in her head that we saw in X3, leaving her to have never sought revenge against the X-Men but instead understanding why Xavier had to do it.

Well there you have mit my (not-so) short list of things I am hoping get brought into the X-Men franchise.

Love/Hate something on my list?

Did I miss anything you want to see?


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