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Steven “Geeked Out” Merced

Welcome to the Comic Crossovers Podcast Episode #15. Hopefully you guys listend to our previous episode where we talked to Voice in the Dark Writer Larime Taylor. This week we get back to basics but in doing so we also introduce a few new things to the podcast as a test run to see how people like it. So first off we will be having a quick comic book news recap every week at the top of the show to going through some comic news that we found interesting. The topics won’t spark any kind of major discussion but we will go through them maybe spend a min or two discussing our thoughts and moving on to the next topic.

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After that we will try to bring back our weekly Topic of the week where we discuss a major topic and what we think on the matter. And of course after that we will head into the reviews of the week and end it with a fan trivia question. Below you will see the show notes for the week so that you know what we will be discussing.

1. So it looks like Marvel has found the actor who will play Daredevil in their upcoming Netflix series and it is British actor Charlie Cox who has appeared in the movie Stardust and Boardwalk Empire. Daredevil is the first of Netflix’s five upcoming Marvel series on netflix and they released a description of the series. The discription is pretty much what people would expect from the Matt Murdock Story.

2. Earlier this weekend, Ultimate Spider-Man and All-New X-Men writer Brian Micahel Bendis posted this cover image for All-New X-Men #32 on his Tumblr

3. Madfire, makers of digital Motion Books, announced that they have partnered with four new publishers. Seraphim, Archie Comics, Lion Forge and Arcana. Most people know them from the Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men comic that they turned into a motion comic a few years ago.

4. As most people know Edgar Wright and Marvel recently parted ways and now the reasons as to why have leaked. So screenplay issues seem to be the majority issue in the problem, with the Disney-owned studio issuing a handful of notes for Wright and co-writer Joe Cornish (Attack The Block) to address, such as the “core morality of the piece” and including “franchise characters.” Wright and Cornish purportedly did two new drafts of the Ant-Man script that they felt answered Marvel’s questions without compromising their vision. Marvel reportedly took the script and put it in the laps of two low credit writers (one who is part of Marvel’s in-house team), and once that version found its way into Wright’s lap, he walked. According to Latino-Review’s source, the new screenplay was “poorer and was not Edgar’s vision.”

5. Marvel’ has a big fall event coming called Axis and last week the introduced the villians which included Green Goblin, teen Loki, Sabretooth, Red Onslaught (Red Skull in full Onslaught armor), Dr. Doom, and Carnage. This week they introduced the heroes Storm, Thor, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Deadpool, and Medusa. So the rumor is that Wolverine will die before or during the event so why do you guys think the team are not the rivals to the villians?

6. So as we all know last week David Goyer said some pretty dumb things surrounding She-Hulk and Martian Manhunter and now this week Stan Lee has voiced his opinion to the Washington Post. Less states he created She-Hulk because he was “looking for a new female superhero, and the idea of an intelligent Hulk-type grabbed me.” This statement came in response to Goyer’s theory, who speculated She-Hulk was created as “a giant green porn star that only the Hulk could f**k,” which enraged fans of the character. Lee pointed out that She-Hulk was never intended as a love interest for the Hulk. “Never for an instant did I want her as a love interest for Hulk,” Lee said. “Only a nut would even think of that.” Lee finished by saying that She-Hulk is curvy because every super heroine is like that.


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