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Mark Newton

X-Men: Days of Future Past delivered two versions of the villainous Sentinels: A 1970's plastic, minigun toting, retro-but-still-way-too-advanced-for-the-time one, and futuristic alien, T-1000, The Day The Earth Stood Still type thing.

We've already seen some concept art for the Sentinels, but now we've got our hands on even more of what the future Sentinels could have looked like. These come from the portfolio of Macie Kuciara, and they're certainly quite impressive. Take a look below:

If these have piqued your interest, then head over to Kuciara's portfolio to check out more of his work, including on [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), The Last of Us and Halo 4.

Which was your favorite version of the Sentinel and why? Let us know below.


Which type of Sentinel did you prefer?



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