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Good news for Wonder Woman fans! After seeing some major Batman v Superman news drop in the past few weeks - including its full title and our first proper look at Batman himself - it looks like we might finally have some news on Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, and what she's going to look like in the movie.

An apparently solid rumor is doing the rounds online that Wonder Woman's costume will be based on a particular comic-book run - 2010's All New Wonder Woman.

Which would make a lot of sense considering the more modern, cinematic approach Snyder has largely been taking with the iconic DC superheroes. It was a controversial look, though - and Wonder Woman has since returned to a more traditional costume in the comics.

Whether or not the exact All New Wonder Woman costume makes it into the final film, it's got us thinking about what other Wonder Woman designs could end up being part of the movie's ultimate version.

First up:

The Icon:

With Zack Snyder sticking to a largely iconic Superman and Batman, with careful practical tweaks (so long underwear on the outside of the suit...) it's clear that at least something will be taken from the old school, iconic Wonder Woman suit. The question is - how much?

The Compromise:

Joe Quinones won a Gail Simone-judged Wonder Woman costume design competition a few years back with the above design - and the blend of the classical and the iconic is one that could well appeal to Snyder should the movie's take on Wonder Woman head in a more Themyscira-ish direction.

The Man of Steel:

Deviant Art's Rahzzah recently released a strikingly modern take on Wonder Woman - and though inspiration from a major comicbook also seems likely - it's hard to ignore the visual similarity with a certain Antje Traue in Man of Steel.

With Wonder Woman being one of comic-dom's ultimate warriors, it's not difficult to imagine Snyder keeping a similar aesthetic to the decidedly bad-ass Faora in Man of Steel. Could she even end up acquiring part of a Kryptonian battlesuit?

The Composite:

What this all ultimately boils down to, though, is something quite a lot like the All New Wonder Woman costume itself. While it was criticized by many for being too '90s', the outfit would allow Gal Gadot to exist somewhere in between the objectified extreme of the original Wonder Woman outfit - which would naturally raise suspicions of exploitation - and the too tough-for-a-big-screen-heroine appearance of a Faora-like design.

So, if Snyder sets out to balance the needs of the comic-reading audience and the general movie-going public, then whether it's directly based on the comics run or not, something like the All New Wonder Woman seems very likely to be what we'll see on screen in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice


Which version of Wonder Woman's costume do you want to see on screen?



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