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Filming on The Walking Dead Season 5 is currently taking place in Griffin, GA., but don't expect the cast and crew to hang around there for too long. Producer Denise Huth has revealed that the new season will see Rick and his people hit the road:

We’re out of the prison and we’re on the road; and we will see a little more of Terminus. The [survivors] don’t have a space to get back to, like the prison, so this year will be really brand new, which is exciting.

This got my speculative juices flowing (that sounds way weird, sorry) about where the group could be heading next. The last time we saw them they were being held captive at Terminus, but they won't be there for very long.

Here are three locations I think the group could end up.

Lots of undead spoilers to follow, obviously.

King County, Georgia

Will Morgan be back?
Will Morgan be back?

Rick, Michonne and Carl have already been back to the Grimes's hometown to get weapons and supplies from the police station. While there they ran into Morgan, who'd gone a bit loco following the death of his son.

Morgan refused to join Rick at the prison, stating that they must be in a whole heap of trouble if they needed all those guns.

Now the prison has fallen and Rick and the group are back on the road, could they return to King County and pick up Morgan?

Father Gabriel's church

Gimme Shelter
Gimme Shelter

From the set images we've seen, it's clear that Father Gabriel is going to be in Season 5. In the comic, the group comes across the priest on the road to Washington and he offers them shelter at his church. It's here they encounter the Hunters and all hell breaks loose.

Perhaps after escaping from Terminus, the group will find refuge at Father Gabriel's church? and perhaps also Beth?

Alexandria Safe-Zone

Open the gates
Open the gates

In the comic, the trip to Washington doesn't exactly go as planned and the group end up being led to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a small community on the outskirts of the city.

Here they meet the leader Douglas Monroe, a former Democratic Ohio U.S. Congressman and a man with a couple of dark secrets of his own. Will the TV show follow the same storyline?


Where will Rick and the group go next?


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