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Bizarrely, Disney still doesn't think it's worth producing merchandise connected to its female protagonists. They have chosen to produce ZERO Princess Leia dolls to supplement the theater release of Star Wars: Episode VII. And it's not just Leia dolls that they're lacking!

One Star Wars fan and stay-at-home dad recently brought to our attention (via his blog) the fact that Disney stores offer zilch in terms of Star Wars merch for little girls. And, in an attempt to find out why, he asked the Disney store customer services exactly what is going on.

This was the U.K. store's response:

… We don’t have any information on Princess Leia products at this time.

So, persevering, he went to And this was their reply:

I’m very sorry but the Princess Leia merchandise you are interested in purchasing is no longer available in While we make every effort to anticipate the inventory requirements of our Guests, merchandise may sell out at different rates. Regrettably, this is very difficult to forecast. Due to the popularity of some character families, one item may sell out more quickly than another within the same character family. Specific merchandise may be reordered and is then re-launched on our site as quickly as possible. Some items may sell out due to varied reasons and may no longer be offered in our Store. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.

C'mon, Disney!

Aside from Frozen and Tangled, when was the last time a Disney movie had a tough, female lead? They're really missing a trick here; Leia is an incredible icon for our kids to have, and I'd certainly be happy to buy her for my little ones.

Plus, the current worldwide shortage of Frozen dolls - after EVERYONE and his dog rushed to buy Anna and Elsa figures - demonstrates that nobody opens their wallets like the parents of an eight-year-old girl...

And, I mean, Leia doesn't just carry a blaster and have delightful doughnut hair. She's doling out one-liners faster than Han Solo can offer smart retorts and is super strong in the face of enemies. I doubt she had classes in curtsying, but she's an all-round bad-ass. Leaving out Leia products puts across a damaging message that Star Wars is not for girls - a message that is completely absurd, obviously, because everyone loves Star Wars.

Perhaps Disney thinks that no eight-year-old girl wants to be playing with an aged Carrie Fisher. I mean, the actress is approaching the big 6-0, after all. And, do young girls really want to be playing with the leader of an intergalactic resistance when they could be playing with a doll in a prettier dress?

Maybe if we create enough chatter, Disney will turn this princess to plastic, too - like they did with Milan, Maleficent, and Merida before her.


Do you want Disney to produce a Princess Leia doll?

(Source: Man vs. Pink)


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