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Chris Evans' teenage dreams could be coming true in the form of the delightful Sandra Bullock!

Remember being in high school and plastering your walls in pictures of the unobtainable hunks and honeys that captured your hormonal imagination? Well, Chris Evans wasn't above that sort of pubescent fawning when he was a young lad and the source of his acne ridden passion was none other than Sandra Bullock!

When interviewed by Playboy Online Chris Evans revealed that;

I used to be in love with Sandra Bullock when I was growing up. Sandy B. was my girl. I remember seeing Speed when I was in seventh grade and just thinking, 'That's her

And then, just months later Chris also told Details magazine that he had a "big poster" of Bullock tacked to his wall during his formative years.

Now he is a Hollywood hotshot, Evans has met his teenage dream on multiple occasions. The pair first locked eyes on each other at the Vanity Fair Oscars party in February 2012 and they have met on multiple occasions since then.

Last month they went for dinner with mutual friend, Chelsea Handler and a source has spilled that;

They are not in a relationship, but they are definitely hanging out and are in the early getting-to-know-each-other phase. They haven’t put a title on it, but they really like each other

My gutter mind is going to interpret that to mean they are totally boning.

Mainly because I really wish this is true.

After that vile beast Jesse James wildly scattered his wild oats here there and everywhere while he was married to Bullock she deserves a class act like Evans.

I just hope that Cap doesn't flip out when he realizes Bullock was married to someone who once dressed up as a Nazi...

Do you hope that Chris Evans and Sandra Bullock are really dating?


Do you think Chris Evans and Sandra Bullock would make a good couple?

(Source: Just Jared and E! Online via Playboy and Details)

(Image: E! Online via Pacific Coast News and InStyle)


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