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Robert Pattinson has finally spoken out about all those rumors he is still in regular contact with Kristen Stewart. And, they're TRUE!

Twihards around the world rejoice, because it seems like there is still the faintest glimmer of hope for a Robsten reunion. Instead of being fed grade-A tripe from anonymous sources looking to cash in on a quick buck, this time the words are from Robert Pattinson's own smouldering mouth!

When interviewed by Hollywood Reporter, the famously secretive Pattinson didn't have much to say when he was questioned about Kristen, but he did reveal that they are still very much in touch. When asked if he still spoke to his ex he simply answered cheerfully;

Oh, yeah!

Those two tiny words might not look like much, but Rob has delivered more truth than we have heard in months by uttering a mere two syllables!

Okay, so it's not confirmation a secret romance, but it does mean the Robsten dream isn't completely dead and buried as I feared.

For the first time ever I am going to be able to stamp an R-Patz / KStew article a staggering low rating on the bulls**t-o-meter!

That's right, kids. It's my first ever one bulls**t rating! I can't give it a stone cold zero because we know this tiny quote will be twisted and manipulated beyond an inch of it's life. Anything that is capable of spawning more rumors must be treated with suspicion!

After hearing this news, I'm in the mood to celebrate. My cynical, black heart had put Robsten to bed months ago, but now I think I'm ready to warm it up with some of the reasons with love Rob and Kristen together. You're welcome!

5. They share an offbeat sense of humor

4. They lived through 5 emotional Twilight movies by each others side

3. You knew they really loved up because they couldn't resist touching each other in public

2. They were the ultimate awkward, nerdy couple who seemed to be so at ease with each other

1. They acted like a Real couple. Sure, they had their ups and downs and their problems, but they cared deeply about each other

Ah, the good old days. I feel all nostalgic now!

Do you think anything will come of Rob and Kristen's confirmed communication?


Do you still have high hopes for Robsten?

(Source: The Daily Mail via Hollywood Reporter)

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