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Admit it guys, we have all been a bit miserable because the hot vampires are thin on the ground at the moment. Robert Pattinson has ruled out more Twilight movies, Damon got killed in The Vampire Diaries, but thankfully Luke Evans is here to deliver the undead eye candy!

[Dracula Untold](movie:917159) is the origin story of the man who became Dracula (Vlad Tepes) and it is all set to get the luxury IMAX treatment. Greg Foster, CEO of IMAX explained his choice by saying;

Dracula is perhaps the most iconic horror story ever told, and this new twist on this classic tale is sure to appeal to IMAX audiences around the world

The movie will be digitally remastered with crystal-clear images and powerful digital audio to make it feel like Luke Evan's is in the same room. Somebody fetch me my smelling salts!

Are you going to go and see Dracula Untold in the IMAX?


Are you excited about Dracula Untold?

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