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Kickstarter can be a foul mistress. Sometimes it can make dreams come true, sometimes it's kind of a scam where you pay for some film students catering budget. However, today the internet delivered a strong case for the former.

Star Trek: The Next Generation star, LeVar Burton raised the $1 million required to 'reboot' this seminal education show, Reading Rainbow, in under twelve hours. As the final few dollars came trickling in, Burton broke out the camera and delivered some heart-warming thanks. Watch that below:

Reading Rainbow, which ran from 1983 to 2006, was a fun educational PBS program which aimed to encourage reading in children. The show was particularly famous for bringing in celebrities to read segments of popular children's books.

Burton, who presented and executive produced the show, recently took to Kickstarter to generate the funds needed to create a free online resource for schools and libraries. The aim is to increase the literacy rates in America, as well as generally encouraging children to read more for pleasure. His Kickstarter certainly brings up some scary statistics. Currently, 1 in 4 American children will grow up illiterate, while, as of 2011 America is "the only free-market country where the current generation [are] less well educated than the previous".

Since going off the air in 2006, Reading Rainbow has continued with apps, however this new venture could once again put it back into millions of children's lives.

Burton originally asked for 'only' $1 million dollars to get the project off the ground, but, as of writing, he's made $2,629,465 with 59,333 backers. With all this cash being pumped into his vision, let's hope they can take it even further.

It's not too late if you want to throw some of your own cash his way. Indeed, you can still have dinner with LeVar Burton and wear his actual Geordi LaForge visor all for the low price of $10,000! Head over to the Kickstarter to contribute.


Did you watch Reading Rainbow when you were younger?

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