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Ken Anderson

Who says I'm inflexible? Back in March, on the basis of a 2 1/2 minute trailer, I griped at length about the forthcoming Annie remake, and why it looked like such a gross miscalculation to me.

While I'm still no fonder of remakes, I have to concede that, on the strength of a new Annie trailer, what once looked to me like a candy-colored, auto-tune, must-to-avoid, now looks pretty darn cute to me. The new trailer for Annie benefits greatly from a lot less Cameron Diaz, better editing, and a sharper selection of the film's gags. Chiefly it wins me over by ratcheting up the cute-factor with more play given the film's biggest asset: the adorable Quvenzhane Wallis.

Rose Byrne & Quvenzhaze Wallis
Rose Byrne & Quvenzhaze Wallis

She looks totally winning as the film's star, and as a big believer in "representation matters" I can't help but be thrilled that a whole new generation of Annie fans can see a big, full-scale, Hollywood musical with a charismatic, talented little girl of color at its center.

So, at least in this instance, I give up. I have to surrender and say this trailer makes Annie a movie I want to see this Christmas.

Annie stars Quvenzhaze Wallis, Jamie Foxx, Rose Byrne, Cameron Diaz, and bobby Cannavale. Directed by Will Gluck. In Theaters Christmas 2014.


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