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Kat Bacon

Well, well. It appears the universes have brought themselves back into balance.

It's semi-final time, punters. We have 2 Marvel and 2 DC favorites still in the ring, battling it out for the honored title of 'Ultimate Superhero'.

You can check out the previous rounds here:



We've lost some honorable contenders along the way, but it's time to leave the past behind us (unless you're in X-Men DoFP) and decide once and for all..

The GRAND FINAL will be posted HERE on Monday, 2nd June

Here we go:


Hulk Vs Superman


Captain America Vs Batman

Let's hope they fight fair.

If you have any battles of your own to share (*does not have to be Marvel/DC related), we'd love to see them on MP.

Don't forget, you can join us as a contributor here and get sharing! See ya'll at the final on MONDAY!


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