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It’s a very common thing nowadays. Books become movies, TV, films or shows. Maybe it’s lack of ideas but it definitely is a quick and easy way of making another couple of dollars...okay, a couple of million - if they're lucky. Martin Scorsese himself buys book before they even gotten into print seems to make it a good business.

I have to admit it, When I find out books become films, I am all over them. It doesn’t matter if it’s Game of Thrones, Twilight or The Hunger Games. I just want to know the story before it comes to the big screen. Of course it’s not uncommon that I am a little disappointed in the result on screen. In Twilight (Yes, I admit it, I read those books.) I hated how Edward turned out. I just had a much (for my taste) hotter guy in my head for this character.

As for Game of Thrones it’s a complete different thing. And honestly, I still think I was right to stop reading the books. It’s just impossible to bring George R.R. Martin’s world in every little detail on the screen and not make it a year around season (I guess I wouldn’t be wrong, thinking some of you would love that.). I think they make a pretty awesome TV show... so why ruin it with missing all the details from the books?

Another book adaption soon coming to the screen is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I stumbled across the trailer online one day and kind of fell for it. The trailer was very appealing to me and somehow I just wanted to know more about the story. (I also have to admit that I like Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike)

© Twentieth Century Fox
© Twentieth Century Fox

The story is actually quite simple, or at least it starts out like that: Nick and Amy Dunne are about to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary when Amy mysteriously goes missing. What happens is an incredible way of unfolding a relationship, of lies, betrayal and things you think you totally understand, but actually don’t.

I was half through the book, thought I had solved it all and suddenly there was a 180° turn around that completely caught me off guard. Gillian Flynn somehow manages to write a convincing male as well as a convincing female P.O.V., makes it suspensful and so much fun to read. It’s a real page-turner.

So, after falling for the book, I really hope they catch the full potential of this story. It would be mind-blowing.

Reese Witherspoon’s production company and 20th Century Fox, own the rights, Gillian Flynn adapted the screenplay, David Fincher (OMG!!) is directing.

It starts in US and Austrian cinemas on October 3rd 2014.

By the way, the german book title is „Gone Girl: Das perfekte Opfer“.



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