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What a adaptation of my favourite Disney villain. Dont go in expecting them to just rehash the same tale or even the same characters to an extent. As with all adaptations, they take the elements you love and know and hell yeah revel in them, but its a different beast, keep them separate as they should be. First off for me Jolie completely owns it, she is so good it genuinely is the cartoon character alive and real on screen. Fantastic. Nothing short. Her looks, reactions, everything were brilliant and funny at times, she added real depth. Look for all the nods to the classic, if you know it well you'll smile at them all. It brings a magical world alive, kids and big kids will love the fairies and trolls and whatever other creatures can be described as "fairy folk". There is an out of a painting look of the cinematography, its beautiful, I was really blown away with some shots and background, one in particular that sticks in my head 3 days later is a shot of Maleficent standing in a wheat field blending in superbly except for the horns. The lesson I took from it, if that's the kinda thing you want to hear about from a movie, is a lesson in consequences. Rash acts made in anger have consequences that can't be undone, try to think about your choices so you don't regret them later. Victimising an innocent to hurt someone else...(think you get the point). Maleficent's development from sweet innocent, to strong protector, to villain and back again is actually realistic. Maleficent's anger and hurt subsides over the years and yet Stefans choice consumes him in anger and paranoia. I liked the film, it was a little messy at times, not a lot of fully developed characters, but fun. The baby scene from the classic was phenomenal, as was the fight between Maleficent and Stefan (woohoo dragon) then the fun little bits in-between like the juggling the guards (my fav pastime) and the three fairy aunts were good fun similar to the cartoon ones. Elle Fanning I haven't seen in anything else so can't really get a reference to her talent, I thought she brought a good performance that could have been really annoying but they added some tongue in cheek, laugh at their selves and the old quaint notion of their princess, bit of humour to it which lessoned the blow, My friend commented that when Aurora smiled it made you smile, and I think with a Disney princess that is key. (I don't do perky). Not a perfect film, but one that the family should enjoy, we went with people ages from 50+, 20's and wee ones. We all had fun and didn't feel our ticket money was wasted, which in a world where you might need a second mortgage to afford the cinema isn't bad. I would say go for the 2D version rather than the 3D as it really wasn't spectacular, If anything all it added (as my mum pointed out) a pop up book feel. I would rate it 7/10. (8/10 just for Jolies performance, but have to add in all the other elements)


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