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TMW's editor picks his five favourite movies from the last month.

5. Blue Ruin

We said: "Not since Hitchcock's Torn Curtain has murder looked so difficult and unglamorous." Read the review

4. Before the Winter Chill

We said: "There's a lot of clutter in Before the Winter Chill, with Claudel constantly bombarding us with his thoughts on colonialism, absent fathers and the role of bankers in the economic crisis, but when he focuses on the meat of the plot, the relationship between Paul and Lou, his film is a melancholy marvel." Read the review

3. Godzilla

We said: "Yes, folks, we have a master film-maker on our hands. Take a bow Mister Edwards. But a great film-maker is only as good as his script and it's this element that keeps Godzilla short of being a truly great blockbuster." Read the review

2. Maleficent

We said: "On the surface, it seems like a cheap move for Disney to rehash one of their existing properties, but there's more going on under the surface of Maleficent than every other big Hollywood movie of the last year combined." Read the review

1. Edge of Tomorrow

We said: "Like a human Wile E Coyote, Cruise has a series of metaphorical anvils dropped on him, with hilarious results." Read the review


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