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On the coattails of the HUGE rumor of Josh Brolin being potentially cast as the voice of Thanos for Marvel's upcoming [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), I absolutely had to look into this guy. I mean, he's going to be playing THE Thanos, who has been regarded to as the "Final Boss," so to speak, for the Avengers. What I found makes me LOVE their casting choice. Why? Where do I begin?

  • His mellow, calm, and deep voice is as chilling as Benedict Cumberbatch's voice for Smaug in the Hobbit movies.
  • The jawline and facial shape matches Thanos as well if not better than Hellboy actor Ron Perlman.
  • He has the muscular build that is perfect for playing such a titan of a villain.
  • His eyes and his brow constantly give this vibe of "I could kill you right now if I wanted to", which is as Thanos as you can get.

Take a look at this clip of Josh Brolin from [Labor Day](movie:250606), perhaps close your eyes for part of it and just listen to the voice of Thanos as you realize just how perfect this casting choice really is.


What do you think about Josh Brolin as Thanos?


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