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The Spectacular Spider-man is one of the most critically acclaimed versions of Spidey ever put to screen. IGN named The Spectacular Spider-Man the 30th in the Top 100 Best Animated TV Shows in January 2009, above both the 1990's Spider-Man cartoon and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. The Spectacular Spider-Man was awarded Best Animated Series in both 2008 and 2009 with the series' version of the main character being named TV's Best Hero in 2008. Subsequently, it was placed second in the Top 25 Comic Book TV Shows in 2011. Recently The Spectacular Spider-Man was listed as 22 on the greatest 25 cartoons for adults on IGN.

I grew up on the 90's animated cartoon. Recently a friend was raving about this short-lived series and asked me to check this out. So does it live up to the hype ?

Yes!!! Spectacular Spider-man exceeded all my expectations and after every episode left me wanting more. I watched the entire first season on the weekend. It's a smart, witty, character driven coming of age story which truly gets the core of Peter Parker's struggle. Complete with likable fully fleshed out characters, intriguing story-line and well-thought out action sequences, the spectacular spider-man is a treat for both adults and children.

Sadly this series was cancelled after just two seasons and replaced by a more juvenile and less edgier "Ultimate Spider-man" in spite of the Ultimate Spider-man getting mixed reviews from both critics and fans.

I recommend "The Spectacular Spider-man" to all spidey fans. It's in my opinion the most faithful to source material rendition of Spider-man I have ever come across.


Favorite Version of Spider-Man (apart from comic books)?

Wanna know your opinion . Which is your favorite version of Spider-man ?


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