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Disney Pixar's [Brave](movie:22364) star, Princess Merida, will soon be alongside star of blockbuster hit [Maleficent](movie:39352), and both have been confirmed to be getting Disney Infinity toyset figurines, which, thanks to the figures' compatibility with the game systems, allows the characters to be playable within the video game.

Maleficent and Merida in gameplay.
Maleficent and Merida in gameplay.

Speaking of Disney princesses, due to the movie adaptations of Snow White & the Huntsman, [Maleficent](movie:39352) (based off of Sleeping Beauty), next year's [Cinderella](movie:373064), and the upcoming development for The Little Mermaid, fans have been wondering: Are [Frozen](movie:411685), Brave, Tangled, and the Princess & the Frog live action movie adaptations on their way to the big-screen too?

My personal prediction is that Beauty & The Beast will be the next adaptation, followed by Aladdin and maybe even a Pocahontas, but eventually we will get around to some of these more recent Disney princesses after they finally settle in and take their throne upon Disney's classics list.

What do you guys think? Is Disney going after live action films for all of the iconic princesses?


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