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Here's the final part of the trivia I've gathered from Nolan's Batman trilogy, as promised. Missed the first two? For Batman Begins, click here. For The Dark Knight click here. Enjoy!

Christopher Nolan said that this film's theme deals with "Pain". For Batman Begins, it was on "Fear", while The Dark Knight deals on "Chaos".

The football stadium scene was filmed at Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers' team colors are black and yellow, same as the Gotham Rogues. The fans were also seen twirling yellow rally towels, a nod to the real-life "Terrible Towel" made famous by the Steelers. Also, in this same scene, the cast and extras are all wearing heavy winter clothing, though the scenes were shot during a massive heat wave across the East Coast during the summer of 2011.

During the motorcycle chase scene, Bane is wearing a red helmet with black visor as well as a brown motorcycle jacket. This is the original costume Jason Todd took under his Red Hood persona, which is itself a callback to The Joker's original criminal identity.

When Bruce Wayne traces the fake fingerprints that the Catwoman was wearing when she cracked his safe, the result shows a "Nikolai Ondrejko". This is the same name that was used by the Joker to author the fake obituary for the Mayor in The Dark Knight (2008).

While doing promotional interviews for the film Tom Hardy stated that the most difficult parts of the movie to shoot were the fight scenes. Not because of the physicality of them, but because he was such a huge Batman fan growing up that he said "it felt like I was beating up my childhood hero". However he also said that despite his worship of the character, the moment Chris Nolan yelled 'action' Hardy just started throwing punches as hard as he could. Click here for an interview where Hardy briefly talks about his first impressions for a screen test.

This is the only Batman film, aside from the 1966 Adam West film, to feature Batman operating in the daytime.

Christopher Nolan wanted Marion Cotillard so much for the role of Miranda Tate that he modified the filming schedule to accommodate her pregnancy. Cotillard started filming two months after giving birth. In the last months of shooting, she also filmed another movie at the same time in France, Rust and Bone (2012).

According to producers, the line "That's a lovely, lovely voice" was improvised by Tom Hardy.

When Selina Kyle disappears from a rooftop, Batman's remark "So that's what that feels like" is lifted directly from the DC graphic novel "Kingdom Come". Even the circumstance is similar, except it was with Superman.

When Officer Blake talks about "giant alligators" being in the sewer line, this may be an intentional nod towards Batman villain Killer Croc.

According to Tom Hardy, he based his voice for Bane on Bartley Gorman (1944 - 2002), an Irish Traveller who was the undefeated Bare-knuckle boxing champion of the United Kingdom: "The choice of the accent is actually a man called Bartley Gorman, who was a bare knuckle fighter, a Romani gypsy. So I wanted to underpin the Latin, but a Romani Latin opposed to Latino." Hardy has also described Bane as an absolute terrorist: "He's brutal, but also incredibly clinical in the fact that he has a result-based and oriented fighting style. The style is heavy-handed, heavy-footed... it's nasty. It's not about fighting, it's about carnage!"

Out of respect for Heath Ledger, the Joker is never once mentioned for the whole film. Though the fate of the Joker is never revealed in the film, the novelization does mention his whereabouts in passing: he is the lone resident of the newly-rebuilt Arkham Asylum, held in solitary confinement and thus has no one to "play with" as ultimate punishment for his crimes.

Bane's theme is a chant which features the term "deshi basara", which is Moroccan for the word "rise".

The character Barsad, Bane's right-hand-man played by Josh Stewart, is a sniper and heavy arms expert. He is always shown wearing a bulletproof vest which has large bullets on it and a red scarf. This is a take on the Batman villain DeadShot, a character which co-writer David S. Goyer had expressed interest in bringing to the big screen.

Selina's method of escaping Wayne manor is highly reminiscent of tall tale involving one of Catwoman's inspirations, Heddy Lamarr, whom Anne Hathaway studied for the role. Lamarr claimed she escaped her possessive Austrian arms dealer husband by dressing as one of her maids, collecting all her jewelry, and jumping out a window.

During one of the scenes involving the kangaroo court, Bane can be seen sitting in the rear of the courtroom quietly knitting. Given the influence that Screenwriter Jonathan Nolan says Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" had on the story, this is presumably an allusion to Madame Defarge and her practice of knitting while watching public guillotine executions.

Bruce Wayne's doctor visit in which the doctor lists off all the degenerative injuries to his body (lack of cartilage, scar tissue, etc.) and the use of a mechanical knee brace both are reminiscent of Kingdom Come, where an older Bruce Wayne requires the use of an exoskeleton to move due to years of physical wear and tear on his body. Also, Thomas Lennon, who plays Bruce Wayne's doctor in this movie, played a very similar role as a doctor in Christopher Nolan's earlier movie, Memento (2000).

The orphanage where Blake grew up and visits in the film is named St. Swithin's. In England, St. Swithin's Day takes place on July 15th and is a tradition where whatever the weather is like on this day it will be like for the next 40 days, and it is said that if it rains that day it will rain for the next 40. The rhyme goes: "St. Swithin's Day if thou dost rain, for forty days it will remain St. Swithin's Day if thou be fair, for forty days 'twill rain nae mair." Water and rain are common motifs in Christopher Nolan's films.

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