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It was announced yesterday that director Roland Emmerich (White House Down) will be directing a reboot of Stargate!

Stargate was of course a science fiction film from 1994 (also directed by Emmerich) that was transformed into TV shows.

It was confirmed that this is a reboot of the Stargate franchise and it will be a trilogy of films. I shamefully have never seen the original Stargate film (I will make sure to do so) but I was a fan of the TV show Stargate SG-1 and I even enjoyed Stargate Atlantis, so I am excited that this franchise is being brought back because I do find it really interesting and with today's technology, I think it has great potential.

Now the harder question is whether I'm excited that Roland Emmerich is directing it and I honestly don't mind. I haven't yet seen what he's like with this franchise but I have enjoyed his other films. I love Independence Day, I liked Day After Tomorrow and I even had fun with White House Down so he is a director who I like, of course he has his fair share of bad films but I'm ready to give him a chance with this new trilogy of films. But this is definitely something I'm really excited about! I'm not sure when we'll be getting this new trilogy because Emmerich is of course doing Independence Day 2 & 3 so that's something that I guess will be announced soon.


Are you guys excited about a new Stargate trilogy?


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