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It has been a long time coming since there has been a Digimon movie. It’s a title that draws more interest to many fans. The great deal of fans of grown found of Digimon primarily from the original show particularly the first two seasons. Ever since then it’s been safe bets and the results have shown. We need a new Digimon movie, to bring back fans of the original series while also bringing in new fans.

Saban Entertainment made a smart move in bringing back the old series then introducing the new series. However, as a fan, I think it’s about time Digimon took the risk of delivering both a new movie and a new game. Fans have been long awaiting a new and exciting product that would be worth the cost. The game franchise might only hold up for true fans while newer players will find these games rather tedious and repetitive with very little reward.

As a long time fan myself and being an avid Digimon fan, I’ve played most of the main titles. To the franchises credit each sequel title of Digimon world tried to mix things up. I believe the best move would to create the next title in the series Digimon world 5 for the PS4, Xbox one, PC, and Wii U.

Digimon World 5 must take risk like in the first two season to bring back the fans while also bringing in new fans. Doing the movie on its own might not capture as much attention otherwise. Overall the main thing the games have failed to do is bring an emotional level like the series had to it. That’s why players stop investing in Digimon’s newest attempt in Digimon Masters Online. I don’t think many people even mind that its hack and slash and pick up item game. A deeper concern is the connection that is drawn that is to say that there is none. At this point players are looking for new things to do. Now Digimon World 5 will have to apply both things in order to be a success (That is an amazing story and great game play). Again that is also to draw attention back to a movie. In order to understand each games good parts and short comings I’ll write about each one in short paragraphs.

Digimon World 1

Good: This game was literally like the first logical step from tamagotchi. It kept players invested in trying to figure how to get some Digimon. The game has a decent replay value always shifting where the final boss is.

Short comings: The actual roster might not hold up considering the mast majority of fans want so many Digimon to play as these days. There is actually little connection to personality.

Digimon World 2

Good: A decent roster with three on three battles in which you can require more Digimon from its previous title. More areas then its previous game either this or third game is considered the best game. An attempt is made to create a story.

Short Comings: Figuring out when and how to update the driving beetle in order to advance in the game can get a little confusing. There is still not enough connection to the Digimon.

Digimon World 3

Good: A decent roster. This game allowed three Digimon and the leader did battle one on one. It had a large map to explore and work around. It created a basic story.

Short comings: A lot of going back in forth. Still not enough connection is drawn to Digimon.

Digimon World 4

Good: Improved the look of Digimon and graphics a lot. It had nice maps. The weapons were a nice touch. The play value is decent.

Short comings: It had a poor roster. It didn't do hack and slash justice using the same motion of attack over and over. Items had a confusing system. The maximum level was too high. Still no connection to Digimon this is considered the worst game in the franchise.

Digimon Battle Online

Good: It has an impressive roster. This game made it possible to play online. This game had massive maps.

Short comings: Any higher level player could battle anyone other player and bug them. All the quests are far too similar to on another. There is little to no story and little to no connection to the Digimon.

Digimon Masters Online

Good: An impressive roster of Digimon. This game was the next step from Digimon battle online in every way.

Short comings: Quest are too similar to each other. This game still has no connection to the Digimon themselves. A poorly constructed story that is attempting to mimic the original show its flattery falls flat. When the game holds back on some Digimon it drives more players away.

Digimon World 5/6

This title is needed and needs to redeem what a lot of people might start to walk away from. Digimon World 5 desperately needs to start pushing for innovation and creativity, depth, passion and be an actual challenge. This is where I come in.

Like I said before I’m just a concerned fan. I’d like to be more, like a creative adviser of some kind. This game needs to have a deep and compelling story that challenges new and veteran players alike. I think it’s time we saw Digimon interact like they did in the early series and even possible interact in a more in-depth way. I understand that the game is closer geared toward younger players. But it’s time we recognized that young players can handle a lot more. Baby feeding players is no longer safe.

It’s time the Digimon World 5 constructed something intense. I recognize that currently there is a different Digimon World re-digitize title which is a reboot of the first game but no official Digimon world 5. What the majority players seem to crave for is something new. I worked hard to interweave ideas that combined concepts from the series and all the Digimon world games. I made sure to show that each character would be like the way there were from the series with some improvements and if that Digimon didn't have much time to present a personality then this would be the title to allow a deeper interaction with that Digimon. Let Agumon be the leader and let Veemon be the comic relief character and so on. The most important part is the story and connection should be top priority. But like I said before at this point it would still not be enough. So I also included different types of quest including defense and assault types and much more.

This game can also take advantage of creating amazing maps and should logically have the biggest roster of playable Digimon. I’ve said with such creative input that this game could reach video game of the year potential. The voices of players needs to be recognized and I've put time and effort into creating a story that can finally fulfill that desire while also catering to complaints about game play itself. If players are invested it will be harder to get tired of. Digimon World 1-4 and DBO and DMO have all not done a good job and creating that intense and passion from season one and two of the Digimon series. To explore some of the ideas further I’ll share some of them here.

At first I took a pretty biased approach looking at my favorite Digimon Veemon first. I explored the game from only one Digimon’s point of view. And that’s the first thing I mention. Is that each Digimon would have their own story. I’ve done some others including Agumon, Gatomon, Dorumon, Guilmon, and Floramon. I constructed ways to involve different mission type to each Digimon. I think another I mentioned is that the Digimon should speak in this game. It was a big deal in the series. We should hear their voices and should be drawn in by each story. I've found a way to connect each game and the series into one thing while also developing a new story for Digimon world 5.

It was also important to show that characters reacted to each others choices as well. It was key to include Drama, action and adventure; I also worked on some moments of romance and comedy to balance the feelings out. I wanted to try my hardest to push these ideas to both Bandai and Joymax is I said earlier. I think some enforcement from the players would be optimal at this point. My current goal is to get many players to read this and to also draw out their concerns to the respected companies as well. Digimon’s future can be saved; I still believe that the game I've written as a lot of potential to be made real. Perhaps next E3 would be the correct time so announce this title. I've wanted to be part of Digimon for some time and I’d be honored if the took the ideas and at least let me know what they think of it.

As far as the movie goes of course much more of a focus is needed. The Digimon movie’s focus was all over the place and it clearly showed. Drawing back from the ideas I had I believe a movie could be pulled out but there should be a caution as to where the focus will be. With the game title popping up first it can also give viewers an opportunity to see a good adaptation from game to movie and the fans would have hopefully come back as well as new comers. Of course the emotional toll here is just one of those things that could really use more focus. The game needs to balance between that and great game play. I've considered all things and would willing to rework the ideas and concepts. All I would desire is that Bandai would actually look at it. Again I think that would also require other fans voicing their opinions as well. I’m trying my hardest to please both fans and creators and I will continue to attempt to voice my concerns until I get some sort of reaction. Either way I think we still need a game, that game we actually both want and deserve. There are still plenty of loyal Digimon fans and I've always been aware of that being one of those myself. It would be an honor to be a creative consultant of both the Digimon world 5/6 and the new Digimon movie.


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