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Alexis Rojas

The Major Kaiju finally returned to the theater screens after 10 years without seeing it, It is brought by the Legendary Pictures producer, famous among moviegoers, and known because of "Titans of the Pacific", "The Expendables" and many others

Distributed by Warner Brothers, directed by Gareth Edwards and starring Aaron Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston, it's a new start, with a new plot. A film that in spite of the fact that its name is "Godzilla", it is not focused on the monster. Since the beginning, the script refers to the 1954 version, the first one, and is true to its original source. A "simple" plot, but not boring; where the main point of interest is Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor Johnson) and Elle Brody (Elizabeth Olsen) as a couple. Aaron Taylor, known for her role in "Kick Ass" manages to completely disassociate the character with an entirely different action and also quite different look.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Olsen, although she is not too involved in the film, she manages to connect with the few moments she appears. As for Bryan Cranston, he proves once again that he can be 'Hall', 'Hiesenbeg' (Malcolm in the middle) or 'Joe Brody'; and although its participation is short, he succeeds in hooking people into the plot and mastering his role. Ken Watanabe's character known for his role as 'Saito' in "Inception" is no more than a small guide to explain important details of the beast.

The movie is fully recommended if you like Godzilla´s story, although it appears 30 minutes in the movie and all of Godzilla´s scenes are few, it does not detract it in any way. Opposite to the action scenes involving Godzilla and other Kaijus, they should have been longer and more graphic as only parts of the fight can be looked, and if you go to see the movie expecting to see scenes and fights with King Kong or Monthra you could be quite disappointed, the film has a more personal meaning, more humane. Where what it matters is people and not monsters. It has enough twists that will surprise you and with new technology, the "King of Monsters" new design looks just spectacular.


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