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With all the superhero-movie talk I guess other films get lost in the system? Since nobody else is reporting any new Transofmers news, I'll be your go-to guy.

There have been a few new TV Spots being released these past couple days for Michael Bay's next installment in the Transformers franchise. One really stood out of the 3 that I've seen. Now in past trailers and TV spots we have been given full view of the Dinobot leader Grimlock (Who WILL Steal the show!). We have only got to see the rest of his crew in pictures and art. That is until now!

Catch Strafe, Slug, Slash, and Scorn in action in this brand new TV Spot:

This is set to be the most promising in the franchise. It will be bigger! It will be badder! This High-Octane film with blow you away! Sure Bay has let the fans down (me not included) during previous iterations of this beloved series. But I'm sure a fresh new cast both human and bot alike will rekindle this franchise. We will know June 27th when Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters. Will you be seeing it opening weekend?


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