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With Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man being the biggest film news so far this season, especially considering how much it trended on social media, it's no wonder that Marvel Comics genius Stan Lee has been asked his opinion on Wright's departure. Here's what he had to say:

I’m sorry about that. I had lunch with him, I met him, he was so excited about it. That was over a year ago. But they’re still making the movie I understand, and it’ll be a great movie because, again, the special effects you can imagine them – a guy this big crawling around the room, people about to step on him. It’ll be great.

Since Marvel Studios is eager to get this film up and running, news for possible directors to replace Wright are flying left and Wright (I made a punny joke), but my personal favorite has to be Louis D'Esposito. He has produced and directed some of Marvel's coolest projects since it's beginning with Iron Man.

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I personally appreciate Stan Lee's openness that he always demonstrates with his audience. He acknowledges that Edgar Wright was a good director and could have done the movie justice, but another director could do just as well of a job. The grounded, unbiased opinion of this idea is something that definitely should strike through to some reports claiming the movie is doomed without Edgar Wright.

[Ant-Man](movie:9048) will still hit theaters next summer, with or without Edgar Wright.


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