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Welcome all! Whether you are a contributor or want to be a contributor, this is a topic that you have/will come across when writing articles for dear old Moviepilot. That's right, tags.

In order to get people reading your well constructed articles you need to add these bad boys, otherwise it's just gonna be you and your mother racking up the view count. Which sucks because I wanna read the work of your fingertips. So to make sure that people post the relevant information so me and other members of the community get to see your handiwork, I have an extensive, no... EXHAUSTIVE list of every possible tag (excluding film titles) on this site. Well I hope so, which means this post will need updating as new tags are out all the time. Make sure you comment if I missed out any as well since this list is, pretty much, for everyone.

So without further ado, I present to you...

The Tag List!

Notes: There are currently 148 tags in this list

Want to add a Movie/TV show as a tag? Enter the first two characters and hey presto! You should be able to see the film's tag appear like this:

Now you can simply select the film you want to tag
Now you can simply select the film you want to tag

You can also click on any of the tags below to see related posts.

(The 'Contributors' tag is automatically added to any post you make)
* = Taken from Kat Bacon's Contributor Style Guide: 5 easy steps to posting success!

Did you see any new tags you want to use? Then my work here is done. Unless, you have a tag which isn't included here then comment it below and I'll add it in.

Hope this was useful :)


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