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Dean Pagliaroli III

Deadpool - Ryan Reynolds

For obvious reasons. He is not to blame for crappy Deadpool in Origins. THat was writing. He was good as Deadpool when he did the one thing Deadpool does best, talk. Keep him funny, and Canadian.

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Cable - Jeffrey Dean Morgan

He was Sam and Dean's father and Supernatural, and The Comedian in Watchmen. He's old enough to play the character, and has action chops. Cable can now definitely exist because of DOFP correcting The Last Stand's wrongs.

Psylocke - Mary Elizabeth Winstead

She's talented and has Comic book movie history. You don't have to wonder what she'd look like surrounded by purple, just watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The character can be explored in a lighter manner while retaining the darkness of the franchise.

ArchAngel - Ben Foster

Okay, Yes X-MEN The Last Stand was our second darkest hour (Behind Origins) but His performance as Angel in that movie was one of the good things about it. Lets just say that after the sentinel incident, he saw that Mutants were good and ran away to join the school and then left to join a different team.

X-23 - Scout-Taylor Compton

It's like she was born to be X-23. She's a dark person. She's a talented actress. She kinda looks like the character. She could play the character spot on.

Wolfsbane - Karen Gillan

Wolfsbane is Scottish. Karen Gillan is Scottish. Karen Gillan is a good actress. Wolfsbane is ginger. Karen Gillan is ginger. This is my second time picking K-Gills as a Marvel character, someone make it happen.

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