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Hello folks! It's me once again, and I'm here to share my thoughts about Josh Brolin as Thanos.

Okay, so in the past few days (more like a two or three days ago) rumors starts to spread that the No Country For Old Men, Jonah Hex star will be portraying/voicing The Mad Titan, Thanos in the Marvel movies [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) and [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035).

If you can still recall, that before Ben Afleck was revealed as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Brolin was rumored as the first pick of Snyder. (Too bad. He would've been a great Batman/Bruce Wayne for me if he made it.)

Few websites confirmed it before the whole world was addressed that the spreading rumors were true. Many of them, the people of the Earth still can't accept the fact that Brolin will be playing The Mad Titan, Thanos and they even wanted to deny it to themselves. Well, they can't do a thing about it, it's done and he's already Thanos.

As of the raging people, they whined and complained about it. (as far as I can read on the comment section of the websites I've been in to) But the good thing is that there those people who had faith in Josh Brolin. You can count me in with those people.

Well here we are now. Let's have a short review and impression of Brolin, and I'll leave you guys in the comment section to express, share and debate your thoughts about Josh Brolin being Thanos.

REMINDERS: For as far as we've known yet, Josh Brolin will be a voice actor. We don't know yet if he'll do a physical shot/portrayal.

About Josh Brolin:

  • He's 46 years old
  • He started acting back on 1985 in the movie The Goonies
  • He was awarded and nominated for several times
  • He played Young Agent K, Jonah Hex, and Llewelyn Moss, Dr. William Block and etc. (You got a problem with this brah?)

Okay, let's take a look of some of the characters he played. Here we have:

Llewelyn Moss: No Country For Old Men
Llewelyn Moss: No Country For Old Men
  • Llewelyn Moss from No Country For Old Men. In this movie he played a Vietnam veteran named Llewelyn Moss who was hunting antelopes and for some reason he came across on the aftermath of a gone-wrong drug deal, and took the case full of money.
  • Brolin played this character very well with that badass mustache on his face that it gave him an award for the "Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture" Award by the SAGA (Screen Actors Guilds Awards), etc. and nominated for other awards.

Next we have:

Jonah Hex: Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex: Jonah Hex
  • Jonah Hex from Jonah Hex. In this comic book film adaptation, Josh Brolin played the DC western cowboy with supernatural-ish power (or should I just say supernatural) Jonah Hex. In this movie he was paired with the oh-lala actress Megan Fox who played the role of Lilah.
  • The movie received a lot of negative comments, and the movie even got an award for the "Worst Picture" by the Houston Film Critics Society on 2010.
  • Even though the movie ended up not very well on the people and critic's standards, Josh Brolin is still awesome as Jonah Hex. I admit the movie wasn't good, and Brolin had a little amount of trouble playing Jonah, but I gotta give him a credit for doing his best to play this Bounty Hunter.

And lastly we have:

1969 Agent K: Men In Black 3
1969 Agent K: Men In Black 3
  • Young Agent K from [Men in Black 3](movie:32295). In this third installment of the Men In Black franchise, Josh Brolin played the young Agent K in 1969 when Agent J (Will Smith) traveled back in time to seek help from Agent K to defeat Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement).
  • MIB 3 had a lot of viewers and critics left unsatisfied with the film for some reason. Though the film did not received a massive negative ratings, it still isn't as persuasive as the previous two films.
  • But the movie was slightly saved because of Josh Brolin. The movie's reputation was held up due the casting of Josh Brolin which they say the perfect casting for Young Agent K, and also because of his impressive acting.

Now we're done. And now let's talk about this portrayal of Thanos.

Josh Brolin, for now we only know that he will do only the voice acting of Thanos, and it is not clear yet if he'll do a live shot as Thanos, or will do a motion capture for Thanos or his face will be modeled for Thanos.

But let's say he'll do more than just voice acting. Within the span of 29 years on the movie industry, Josh Brolin proved himself as a great actor (or let's say a good actor for those who don't want to agree.). For me, I had faith in Josh Brolin. I know that he can pull off a Mad Titan inside him and amaze people and prove those who contradict that they're wrong.

And as of the face or look of him as Thanos. Let's say Thanos will be modeled after Josh Brolin. I have no worries with it because I think it would be great. As if you can see the Thanos' concept art, I can see a hint of Josh Brolin's face on Thanos' face. Or maybe it's just only me. But then again, I say no worries, because the 3D modelers and the CGI magic will to the trick to make him look like a badass villain.

Here is a poll Pick your answers and share your thoughts in the comment section. (Don't mind the picture, I suck at editing xD)


So, Will it work? Josh Brolin as Thanos


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