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Movie loving owner of a fashion boutique.
Jonathan J Moya

There is no reason that the greatest superheroes can’t get together, get grungy and become one of the all time great rock super groups. Besides I think some could be great rock tune smiths. I certainly would listen to Bruce Wayne’s “Rockin Gotham”, Thor’s “Hammer”, Barry Allen’s “Speed”, Clark Kent’s “Kryptonite”, Peter Parker’s “Web”, Logan’s “Slash”, Bruce Banner’s “Roar”, Diana Prince’s “My Little Lasso” or “Amazonia”, Tony Stark’s “Metal Heart”, Carter Hall and Shayera Hol “Soarin”, Arthur Curry’s “Spear”, Steve Roger’s “Shield Soldier”, or Sue Storm Richards “Invisible”.

These Super Rockers were created by Andres Moncayo a Colombian illsutrator and art director currently transplanted to New York. You can see them all at Moncayo’s Behance page.

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