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It's the end of May. Summer blockbuster season has kicked in and it's been good so far - The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past were all movies that were absolutely worth the price of admission. Edge of Tomorrow is a movie that I had doubts about, and one that didn't impress me enough with its trailer to make me remotely excited to see it. It turns out that it is, in fact, one more fine blockbuster to add to the list of 2014 successes.

To its own benefit, it's much more intelligent than everyone expected, and the script throws a few unpredictable curveballs at the characters, originating some nice twists here and there. Much like Duncan Jones's Source Code, Edge of Tomorrow also doesn't get hurt by the fact that we see the same events over and over again, except in a different way. In fact, Doug Lyman makes good use of the Reset button, allowing for some inviting humorous moments and an engaging plot progression. Of course that, while Source Code (still not boring its viewers) took place in the same environment for the entirety of its runtime, Edge of Tomorrow mixes it up a little bit and adds some more refreshing moments to avoid turning off its audience. These scenario-changing moments were ideal for character development. And the characters themselves are pretty likeable, mainly due to their actors' portayals.

The last act (even without the unfitting ending) is, however, a major step-down from the rest of the film. Due to a plot point that I won't spoil in this review, the characters are put in a position which takes the inventive aspect out of the movie, and ultimately makes it succumb to old, generic blockbuster antics. I found that to be a little upsetting.

Tom Cruise is always great in this kind of roles, and this is no exception. He's fun and energetic, as is his beautiful co-star Emily Blunt. Her character was absolutely badass, and I liked the dynamic between the two leads and how their relationship evolved throughout the film. The afore-mentioned ending is what I thought was really out of context... Something more dramatic would go along better with the rest of the movie, I think. The climax of the movie was almost identical to what I recall of Oblivion.

The action sequences are good and amazing to look at, but they don't really stand out in a market overcrowded with explosion-filled movies like this one. What really stands out here (even though there are some pitfalls which it walks right into) is the imaginativeness and coherence of the plot and its execution. [Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902) is definitely not the great revolutionary sci-fi everyone is saying it is, but it's most certainly very intelligent entertainment and a adequate movie to continue the 2014 blockbuster streak that started a month ago. Doug Lyman hasn't created a masterpiece, but he has smartly built something that finds strenght in both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, and impresses with its meticolously though-out script.


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